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Retake has been pooping and that is because of the great server that @Manny @Cept For Her and @Greggy G and there has been lately not only just people that are sg regs but there has been multiple new people that just want to retake sites and practise there game. So i was recently playing xlaw 5v5 which is not retakes but i really like a idea they have put in there chat for example

  1. Server rules: no hacking, ghosting, throwing or racism
  2. http://discord.gg/Q3jHDxR
  3. http://forums.xlawgaming.com

and i really like that to be in retakes as passive chat like maybe a minute delay to really bring in new players and see are discord and forms to move into other servers.




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Just went and checked but we already have automated messages that advertise our discord, forums, and server rules. They should appear in chat and if not feel free to make a bug / error report here.

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