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  1. @Cretenim ashamed of you. Can’t believe you would stoop so low.
  2. Just realized that this could also be applied to the server manager rank too.
  3. Tbh would rather just play the game for the event than doing HNS. That is really only fun for a couple rounds IMO.
  4. Refraining to give up information as an innocent is not KOS. They are not required to give up the information they have but it is encouraged to promote teamwork. The example you use of the awp name is not necessarily a good one. The player could simply lie about the name and you still would not be able to KOS off of that since you truthfully do not know the name. It could be considered a tactic to keep some information on who the traitors are to catch them off guard. Would you rather target a traitor that will be worry about everyone they pass by and kill all aside from their traitor partners, or ones that still try to act normal with you on their trail? Onto your situation with an innocent witnessing a Traitor kill someone. While your logic does make sense to use association, by the rules it would be wrong and you could be subject to slayed. Unless the wording has changed, you have to be 100% sure they are working with the traitor / are a traitor. If they turn out to be innocent then you could be slayed. Situations that could call for an innocent to not relay the information about that person being a traitor is that they are more focused on killing the traitor by cutting them off or by following them without having the traitor be alert that their kill was just witnessed / they are KOS.. You see this a lot on maps like close quarters where those who are really experienced know the exact path you must take and can arrive to your destination before you can. TL;DR - You should not be killing players for refusing to give up information.
  5. Trazz

    Among Us 0-100-0

    I think it was poke or urp, thrza almost got voted out but he was yelling saying it was you while you were saying it was you
  6. In relation to this suggestion, we should slightly edit the admin rank bars to better portray which server they administrate. To prevent extensively long rank names, you could edit the logo on the left of the rank bar. My quick and beautiful example on photoshop ( credit to @Amazingfor being the model ):
  7. Trazz

    Among Us 0-100-0

    I SHOULDVE RECORDED THAT LOLOLOLOL She kills Greggy, meeting gets called and she goes ahead and says "he guys, it’s me, I did it. I killed greggy, it’s me guys. I’m the one who did it" then didn’t get voted out.
  8. I have more clips but found this one of Comrade @Hawks
  9. Have different subforums under the Admin Applications section to separate each game division. It is better to have them all grouped up than in different sub forums or a single thread like how Squad is doing it right now. I understand that CSGO admins are still TF2 admins so you can group those two together unless they end up being separated. Example: Could even have separate "Accepted" and "Denied" subforums per division.
  10. @20 scrollsI’m sorry... he’s too powerful. I’ll win in your stead.
  11. Trazz

    Time Travel Day 6

    Going into the future would be a hit or miss. If the world ending event was so devastating that it made the planet inhabitable then you’d be fucked going into the future.
  12. Trazz

    Time Travel Day 6

    Why not just time travel back in time to stop the source of the event?