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  1. A vote for, Reid, Patrick, TheZZL, Hawks, Toasty, Noxstar, Kopsta, Kieran or Gentoo is a vote for the boys. Fall victim to Charliere’s propaganda and the Anti Simp Task Force will have to classify you as a Class 3 simp.
  2. I’m sorry but Comrade @Hawkswill be taking the CA round dub.
  3. I don't have the money to pay for this game
  4. I never agreed to fatass getting SM back. Congrats to the rest of you and I cannot wait to see what the new ZE team does!
  5. Competition style events generally fall with the Karma Contest. Unsure when the next one may occur. If you could provide some other examples of other competition style events that could be done for TTT that’d be great! @Scummy-Deegan
  6. Trazz

    Jb t menu

    Ts don't need to counter the CTs. Jailbreak is not suppose to be DM with perfect countermeasures. The Ts are suppose to have a disadvantage as that adds on to the overall RP of the server. Buffing the Ts would bring us back to square one of weak CTs.
  7. Trazz

    Jb t menu

    Prisoners already dominate our server, why buff them?
  8. It’s just a quick change in the config. Didn’t think Chad would make the command as a whole Elite instead of specific icons. @Chad go into sourcemod/configs > level_icons.cfg and change the flag to -1. If you’re not available to do it then HMU on discord and I’ll change it when I get a chance.
  9. A section added could help but the same issue will still occur with not everyone or even new players coming on to read the rules. The section should still be added for the good souls that are not trying to break the rules. It is not only the server managers who make and update the rules but also the admins responsibility to help clarify them and enforce them upon players. Unfortunately that has been an issue. As how complicated a gamemode like TTT can get, I stress that our admins need to be a bit more lenient.
  10. Yeah so the reasoning behind this was that people who played the server (the community) expressed that they would not want the shooting portion around other innos to be removed. This was our work around. When I was managing, a complete ban to what we use to know as t baiting should’ve occurred but this is a decent middle ground. Now why it is against the rules to shoot around a detective is because you have to be an idiot to make the one proven guy with all the tools needed to find traitors think you’re a traitor. It also eliminates people trying to shoot around detectives then for them to damage the person so they can kill them back in self defense. Overall I get the confusion as to why shooting around innocents is not under "Traitor Baiting" is confusing. It was the result of a compromise. To protect those who get abused by this are covered by the new harassment rule. We will not tolerate any form of disrespect or harassment. This includes using the rules or a lack there of to harass another player.
  11. It’s under traitorous acts: Shooting around others, unless it is in self defense. Self defense is considered when the player is actively being shot at.
  12. It use to have a zone in the previous version done by a plugin that SMs could use. Don’t remember if there’s a cfg they can transfer over so it’ll have to either be fixed through hammer ( @20 scrolls ) or zoned by an SM. @Kieran @Gentoo
  13. Great event @Creten!!!!!!