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  1. ur girlfriend looks like my mom L

  2. signed, you're welcome. 


    - Trazz

  3. You're killing some of the fun in the map though . Anyways, congratulations @Happy Cat
  4. Trazz

    Retakes Changelog

    6/22/2021 Changed the point values (again). You will now lose 4 points per death instead of 6. Changed the points to reach LEM, SMFC and Global to help monitor how rapidly you guys gain points. LEM is now 4000 points, SMFC is 6000 points and Global is 10000 points. ----------------------------------- What's being looked into: • Maybe adding Ancient • Loadouts not saving • Increasing rank gap • Adding !rs/!resetscore as a Donor command.
  5. Pretty much what these two retards said. Answered.
  6. When this idea was first discussed (last year?) we opted out in getting the plugin edited for that. Main reason being an admins ability to administrate being hindered. Yup, suggestions are suggestions. We enjoy seeing them made but sadly not all will go through. The idea isn’t completely off the table. If it was to be something temporary like during an event, then that would be more doable.
  7. Radar does not achieve the same goal. Radar allows you to see people through some walls, not all and for a very short period of time. You cannot see people across the map via radar and since you do not see all you still do not have an exact number of how many people are remaining. It also does not tell you someone’s role. A 15-30 second period is more than enough time for someone to get all the info they need. I don’t understand why you’re only thinking of that one player hunting the traitors down when they can simply mention it in voice chat or text chat. Yes some items are meta and get rotated out but the impact would not be as huge as this. Silent awp and M4A1s all rely on the traitors’ own ability to make it viable. Its ability to work in GMOD does not mean it’ll work in CSGO. The community, rules and coding is all different.
  8. You’re making this seem like it wouldn’t be that big of an issue. When dead you have access to a lot more information than those alive. You have the ability to see where everyone is, get an idea of their role, know exactly how many are left alive per role, and communicate with the other dead players. An item like this can become meta and easily abused. There is an item like this available that we have not enabled though. Thought I’d add that in there.
  9. In the store plugin you can set whether the model is a T side, CT side or both. For TTT we didn’t see a need to have team specific player models so they’re set for both. You’ll still have a good number of default skins walking around. Until the pop hits 18+ players, most people reside on T side.
  10. The cosmetics are available for both sides. It’s a simple cvar change that would take under 5 seconds to implement. Not saying I’m for or against the idea, just clearing up some questions or false statements. If someone is to your left and speaks you’ll hear them more in your left audio drive versus both. However iirc it only applies to those on your team and is something that’s client side in their audio settings.
  11. Trazz

    Retakes Changelog

    6/21/2021 Changed the point values. You will now gain 2 points per kill and lose 6 points per death. Removed point loss from suicide. ----------------------------------- What's being looked into: • Maybe adding Ancient • Loadouts not saving • Increasing rank gap • Adding !rs/!resetscore as a Donor command.
  12. You cannot compare faceit and esea to a TTT League. Those were built around the base game mode of CSGO for those that were wanting to take the game a bit more serious (+ 128 tick servers) on the competitive level and potentially professional. CSGO was meant to be competitive to begin with, TTT on the other hand is a casual server. A TTT League would maybe just maybe have some interest in the start but would die out later on. This will be the biggest deal breaker for those that may actually be interested especially from our community. I'm sure you've noticed if you played on other TTT servers but they do not allow the amount of investigation or logic our player base can use. Even if we decide to use our server rules instead of theirs, it would be putting them at a huge disadvantage. How are you going to properly moderate 30+ players that could also be potentially ghosting too? This idea just would not work. I don't believe this'll spark enough interest across all communities to bring up a 1st place prize pool of $250. TTT is not a competitive server and I do not believe anyone even took it that way outside a handful during a karma contest. Even some of the sweatiest players don't play the server competitively.