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  1. -rep  scammed me out of $30 and then unadded me. Serious issue, won't message me back. How is he an IA?


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    2. Trazz


      You should take a shower because I can smell the sweat off of you through discord.

    3. Hypno


      Yeah you and your weirdly proportioned face with a fucking shnoz that can sniff through time. 

    4. Trazz


      You and your wheeze of a laugh. Get on a treadmill for once. 

  2. Trazz

    Bhop Changelog

    1/21/21 Changed Scrolls aa from 1000 to 100.
  3. Trazz

    Bhop Changelog

    1/14/21 Player times have been wiped. Will be adding a few new maps later today. Player ranks have been wiped as well.
  4. @20 scrollsnow finish the map.
  5. Trazz, please add bhop_pyle to Steam Gamers 128 Tick bhop server, It would make my life complete



  6. Is it time for the bumpkin boys to rise?
  7. @Hypno look at this amazing event!
  8. Will this be a massive scrim or will we actually have 5 admins vs 5 regulars this time?
  9. I will try my best to be there.
  10. This is MY favorite Lead Server Manager!

  11. Omg! Great event! @Hypno look!
  12. wondering when my ban will be up

  13. I’ll show you that I have learned how to properly use items. Pls do not shame me.