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    Retakes Changelog

    6/10/2021 Added ranks on the scoreboard. Thanks to @Strayyz for the screenshot. Changed the point subtraction percentage from 0.5 - > 0.3 and you will now gain 2 points instead of 1 if you were round MVP. It should be EVEN easier to gain points now. Removed point gain/lose for picking up or dropping the bomb. Since you cannot technically do either there was no reason you should be receiving points for it. Removed SMGs from forcebuy rounds. You can now select an upgraded pistol, scout, famas (CT) or a galil (T). ----------------------------------- What's being looked into: • Maybe adding Ancient • Loadouts not saving • Increasing rank gap • Adding !rs/!resetscore as a Donor command.
  3. I don't mind the idea and the suggestion that @Happy Man made for it. Main issue would be waiting on the plugin edit.
  4. Trazz

    Retakes Changelog

    6/9/2021 Changed the server name from [SG] RETAKES | !KNIFE !WS | STEAM-GAMERS.NET - > [SG] 24/7 RETAKES | !KNIFE !WS | STEAM-GAMERS.NET Removed the point gain from planting the bomb. Changed the point subtraction percentage from 0.8 - > 0.5. It should be easier to gain points now. ----------------------------------- What's being looked into: • Maybe adding Ancient • Ranks appearing on the scoreboard. • Loadouts not saving • Increasing rank gap • Maybe remove SMGs from force buy rounds and replace it with galil and famas
  5. Trazz

    command suggestion

    Try !showtriggers.
  6. Don't jinx it.
  7. Yay! Big shout out to @Nate. @thuxys @euro @crazedkangaroo @John @Black Rain @BoM @Gator and @williamc_d.
  8. Yes, you record them and then upload it to YouTube. Make the video unlisted and link it. The link to the map is not needed.
  9. INNOCENTS SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED FOR "DELAYING". THEIR OBJECTIVE IS TO SURVIVE THE ROUND OR KILL THE TRAITORS. This topic has been discussed many times over many years and the answer has been the same each and every time. It was never stated that we would go with a sudden death idea. ------------------------------- To answer the original post: LRs would not work as well as you think they may. The plugin gives the player an option to accept or decline. We would just run into the same issue that you are mentioning. No I do not believe we are going to force it upon the players to accept LRs either if this idea was implemented. TTT is not JB, they're completely different servers and style of gameplay.
  10. Innocents should not be punished for not seeking out the traitor and trying to kill them. Their objective is to survive till the round is over OR identify and kill the traitors. Beacons should be enough. Generally if the traitor still does not do much even after the beacons, they get slayed.
  11. Could you elaborate on the sudden death idea?
  12. 5/6/21 - Disabled pug_auto_kicker. You will now be able to spectate live matches. - Enabled rws balancer. By typing !rws <name> you can see their all time rws. A player's rws will also display during the player selection phase.