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Servers like TTT are already somewhat based around Roleplay even though it doesn’t seem like it since people just run and gun. You can probably get a whole server of people to role play with you, but I don’t see it working out as an event, since in csgo there are limited amount of things you can do to role play and you also need to have a big group of people to actually be invested and dedicated to role play on the servers with you. I can definitely see an event for Roleplay with a different game such as GTA 5 or Gmod but with a game like csgo it’s really up in the air as most people don’t play csgo to role play, they play csgo to out-skill people

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yea this is more of an event to do with a group of friends rather than randos on a public server. with your group of friends you know everyone wants to be a part of that event and will take it somewhat seriously but also try to make it really fun. with randoms its harder to get everyone on the same page with people joining later and others not caring at all.

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