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So i am not really sure if this ever was discussed but a !ct command would really help out with ratio on jb. So what i mean by this is that a t that wants to become a ct can do !ct or if u want make it so they click the ct icon while in the team select menu which then they will be lead something along the lines of "You are in a queue with 3 people to become a ct". What that does is it makes it so people that just joined the server can't instantly go on ct rather wait there turn because others are also waiting to.


So the way a t will transfer to a ct is at the start of the round if a spot was opened up they will instantly get put on ct with no deaths, sorta like how the admins can switch people over and they don't get a death. It may seem as though there is already a thing that tells people u cant get on ct, but there are people that are waiting for a spot to open up and then someone else takes it. This way it gets regulated properly and a better way to fix ratio so admins have one less thing to worry about.

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