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jb_quake request

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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map


Link to map download

Additional Information

Full credits to this map suggestion goes to @frankie.


Even though this map has a weird way to get weapons for cts (which could be mastered). It is yet another map made by thorgot, it still has many minigames, and has a good amount of secrets.

tbh the only problem about the map is most likely how big it is.cts could very easliy lose track of ts


List of minigames

exojump climb

shield breaker






lavawall deathrace

4 corners



Screenshots attached


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After meeting with the JB team to discuss the map, we think it has potential due to its large amount of varied deathgames/minigames, however, in our opinion, this type of map would not currently fit our server characteristics. So on that basis, we have chosen to reject this request.


None the less, thanks for the map request!

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