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  1. Remember you back all the way when I first got on SG by playing the ZE server. You were a joy to play with and have definitely done a lot for ZE. Hope you have the best of luck to whatever your future endeavors are.
  2. By the time you reach me in stats, the heat death of the universe would have happened 14 times
  3. Bro, I have to sort the stats page for CT side by 100 until your name shows on the list
  4. Who does this man think he is? Trying to claim my spot as the number one ct smh. Talk to me when you have 30,000 kills, I'll be seeing you on the other side
  5. I'm rather late but I'm not really in the loop with who steps down anymore. Thanks for all ya did weeb, may you camp one-way forevermore.

  6. light blue looks good, o7

  7. Scrim Strike Request Name of Offender Anthony SteamID of Offender STEAM_0:1:419011732 Screenshot of Offender's SteamID (Including yours) Type of proof attached demo Date/Time/Map/Round(s) the incident occured 4/22/20 Around 1:30 Mirage 8-3 Summary of what happened When I was doing my math homework the T's were getting rolled and Anthony decides that he can just leave in the middle of the match. Demo timestamp 0:20
  8. absolute dummy dont talk with this nerd

  9. Weird ass guy tbh, I would avoid him at all costs