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  1. Go online on steam so I can cyberstalk you

    1. Military_king


      If I did you would be able to see me play my copious amount of hentai games in my library

    2. EvilEye


      Just obtain then "legally" so they dont appear on steam! Its what I did.

  2. Pretty sure if you are able to determine 100% that a t has a jihad with the beep, its already kos... Most of the time people dont kill off beep because its hard to determine w/o freekilling, not because it is breaking the rules.
  3. By the time you reach me in stats, the heat death of the universe would have happened 14 times
  4. Bro, I have to sort the stats page for CT side by 100 until your name shows on the list
  5. Who does this man think he is? Trying to claim my spot as the number one ct smh. Talk to me when you have 30,000 kills, I'll be seeing you on the other side
  6. I'm rather late but I'm not really in the loop with who steps down anymore. Thanks for all ya did weeb, may you camp one-way forevermore.

  7. light blue looks good, o7

  8. absolute dummy dont talk with this nerd

  9. Weird ass guy tbh, I would avoid him at all costs

  10. 1/4/2019 - Added the map ba_jail_dubai_sgedit_v2 to the server. - Changed Christmas summerjail map to the original summerjail map as there were broken ladders in cell secret which caused people to get stuck. Thanks @Wreck for reporting this!