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  1. :letsfuckinggo: there, use this instead.
  2. Auto

    Congrats chy

    wrong, he has 4 almost 5 days on CT, he has near 15 days on spec
  3. One thing to keep in mind for new players is that it is sometimes hard the get points because, A: They die to a ct not knowing how to follow orders correctly. B: Sometimes too scared to use a gun and rebel, or C: Not being able to get kills because of the other ts who rebel more killing all the cts before they get a change to a kill of their own. This also dosn't take in fact the players own skill. For bad players they most of the time lose to a ct who far better then them aim wise.
  4. Now I get to see the other side now. I am ready for this.
  5. Auto


    Thank you for your work Bacon, i'll hope see you again sometime.
  6. Then duffy back to drippy then to duffy again, pick one my guy
  7. Auto

    Chat order plugin

    This is the main why I feel this is too much, people already get confused without alerts. Adding more alerts will just be more confusing to both cts and ts.
  8. Auto


    Is this going to be your weekly check in thread?
  9. rygor


  10. rygor

    this mans head is shaped like a melon

  11. pretty fucking headass poopoo

  12. Pretty ok person