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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map


Link to map download

Additional Information

Map features:


-48 T spawns

-30 CT spawns

-Numbered Cells

-2 Escape options (Always 1 in one round)

-Constantly Changing Map layout

-Secret Tunnels

-4 obtainable grenades

-Laser Protected Armory (Can be toggled with 2 levers)

-16 Hidden Weapons


-Execution Room

-Healer Room

-Side Buildings

-Automatic Cell Opener (90 seconds)

-Custom Content




-Simon Says

-Deadly Cube

-Laser Room




-Luck Course

-Glass Break

-Falling Boulders

-Obstacle Course

-Revolver Roulette



-Football Field

-Race Pool

-KZ_ with 2 difficulties

Screenshots attached


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