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So i think there needs to be a quick clarification on this. There are 2 types of deathgame. There is voluntary and then there is forced deathgame. In the rules there are requirements for forced deathgame (5+ players and 2:30 timeleft). Does a voluntary deathgame have to follow the same rules as a forced deathgame?

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yea what they said ^


also protip: don't say "durr no going back" after you say where to go for deathgame. people are gonna go there as soon as you say where it is and then if you say no going back and they are already halfway there they're kinda screwed


not saying you do it just in general because apparently people don't understand this, pls just do it before you say where to go. ex.


"All t's who wanna play simon says no going back line up at the bottom of cell stairs"


"All t's who wanna play simon says go to soccer be on the pitch. [5 seconds pass] no going back"

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