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  1. kennyy

    Online names

    I would feel fine
  2. The event is being delayed for tomorrow at 6 pm, sorry for the inconvenience
  3. As some of you may have noticed my activity has not been the greatest in the past few months. Well most of is because of what has been happening in my personal life, my parents haven't been in a very "healthy" relationship, and have decided to get divorced. It will take me a bit more time time to get used to it, but then I will try my best to be at least a little more active. And I just wanted to thank you guys the SG community and the servers helped a lot with this as a place where i can forgot about the stress and just try to have fun.
  4. Sorry bois changing the date to this week
  5. JB Protect The President One guard will be assigned with the role of President, and given an increased amount of HP and a pistol. All of the prisoners will be tasked with trying to kill the President. If the President is killed, the guards have failed their objective and lose the round. Where? Jailbreak - When? June 1 at 6:00PM While you are here you might as well join our steam group!
  6. kennyy

    It's been fun SG

    I wish you the best, you were a really fun guy strayyz
  7. kennyy

    Deceit Event

    you trynna play it bro??????
  8. kennyy

    CSGO Code Leak?

    So I heard that CSGo and tf2 codes got leaked, and I've been told not to play these games until this is fixed. You guys have any thoughts?
  9. Literally the most consistent bottom fragger

  10. Bot Kennys

  11. This man better fookin come bacc

  12. Most active admin that I know!


    Wait that was 8 months ago, nvm.

  13. kennyy


    There is already a rule stating that cya can’t camp if it delays the round, but if it doesn’t they can