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  1. The event is being delayed for tomorrow at 6 pm, sorry for the inconvenience
  2. Sorry bois changing the date to this week
  3. JB Protect The President One guard will be assigned with the role of President, and given an increased amount of HP and a pistol. All of the prisoners will be tasked with trying to kill the President. If the President is killed, the guards have failed their objective and lose the round. Where? Jailbreak - When? June 1 at 6:00PM While you are here you might as well join our steam group!
  4. kennyy

    Deceit Event

    you trynna play it bro??????
  5. Literally the most consistent bottom fragger

  6. This man better fookin come bacc

  7. Most active admin that I know!


    Wait that was 8 months ago, nvm.

  8. kennyy


    There is already a rule stating that cya can’t camp if it delays the round, but if it doesn’t they can
  9. Welcome back man

  10. Rainbow Six Siege Tournament Thanks @nesquik for the awesome banner! Infomartion The tournament is going to be single elimination and best of three. All of the team captains should plan with their enemies captain and have a time set and play their match. All of the matches at least in the first and second should be played and finished by at least the 26th. After all of the teams have a set time they should post it below, and then either I or another events team member will host the match. All of the matches will be a normal ranked style match. I spoke to the team and we decided that one of us would set the match up and invite the teams. We're going to be using the ranked rule set and maps will be selected at random. On top of that, we will be extending the duration of the first round to Sunday, March 1st. If everyone manages to finish their rounds early, we will move onto round 2. So now, if you would like to start your match just DM John on Discord at John#9123 or PM him on the forums. Make sure you have a date and a time set and either I or one of the Events Team members will set one of you up. I'll update the original post as well. Thank you. Teams 1. The Basterds - @patrick @Chad. @the baconator @Steven Universe @Atrix 2. Hon Dipo eSports - @eXtr3m3 @nick @roux @John @Alex @Sidearmsavage @Ned @Zayne 3. Realones - @Strayyz @Cody. @Manny @Dong @nesquik @Duffy @Casual @Phoenix_ 4.Swole Patrol - @Wavy @AgileCripple @JoCoBe @Brian @Hellobby 5.The Best Zombie Escapers @Bright @Diggity @Con @AZNNNN @Matty @Lawliet @PHNX 6.F-R-I-E-N-D-S @Mikey @kennyy @rrayray @UnknownMystic @Beep @Soul 7.Fakeones @BoA @Drew4p @toq @davidv5 @Neat-_ @Inveal @Lawool @EvilEye 8.Ass Eaters @Vader @Chainedlord @Racerboi @Gooner @dream.drop 9.Nesquik's mom is hot @ThRza @crazedkangaroo @Creten @Infinityward @Nugget @Kopsta 10.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @Hypno @Alex @toach @L_ky @WUMBO @AfterPot @conan 11.Oofer Gang @Jmcdon7 @evrot @TheZZL @Legendary Kano @cmohr Brackets Be sure to join the events steam group
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