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Any unity/UE bois here?

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Sup dooders.


I've been having a lot of free time lately and I've been thinking of making a CCG for a long time now.

Problem is, I have no coding experience except for a shred of LUA from Tabletop Simulator and no fucking clue where to start.


I've been googling around and most people seem to suggest either Unity or UE4.

- Unity because apparently it's relatively easy to use and light-weight, which would be fine for a CCG.

- UE4 because it's seemingly easy to use for people with no coding experience because of the "Blueprints"?


So, just wondering if there's any people here experience with either of these, or anyone with advice.

Like I said, my biggest problem is, I just have no idea where to start as it all just seems so daunting right now

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