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  1. Gotta git with the times eh What about the term "oldf**" ?
  2. yeah but do i need to spend 32 hours from the start date til the end date or are the hours I already have in ZE from before this counted as well ?
  3. Do you need 32 hours starting from today, or 32 hours spent on the server in total ?
  4. man, these squeakers know nothing. back in my day, we knew what it meant to have an LR. A last chance to rebel, kos either way. nowadays you got all these fancypants plugins. cant even ask for a deag toss, and then proceed to juan tap half the remaining CTs allowing your fellow Ts to rebel and wreak havoc. It's called a last request hurrdurr
  5. Elemental91 ... i think? i havent played minecraft in ages
  6. ooh sounds like fun, always wanted to try this pixelmon shit
  7. Bro, why are you hosting my main map mako at 12am. I have a baby now I can't do that shit anymore mako best map always has been always will be, noobs stating otherwise are shit at the map
  8. mineplex, not even dedicated SG server+plugin made for it, so lazy. back in my day we hosted sg servers for minecraft events
  9. back in my day we didn't have fancy ranks on jb. the only way to get RESPEKT was through being awesome
  10. fucking hell this sounds amazing but i cant fucking afford this game FFFFFFFFF