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  1. back in my day we didn't have fancy ranks on jb. the only way to get RESPEKT was through being awesome
  2. fucking hell this sounds amazing but i cant fucking afford this game FFFFFFFFF
  3. oohhh shit this'd be sickk, ive had this game on my wishlist for so long x.x;
  4. This'd be great if possible. Back in my admin days I used to main on BuildRP and JB and having had something like this would've been amazing, especially on JB to pick out smart repeat offenders who just do it again when the admin that punished them leaves. Seeing as how TTT is somewhat similar to JB I'm sure it'd work great there as well
  5. cant find shit, everythings too big and centered, too much space wasted, i dont like it also, wheres my fookin medals
  6. sounds like fun, no idea if I can be there tho, idk what timezone this 3PM is in, but itll most likely be more like 3AM here =/
  7. putting an ELO system in JB would destroy it. CTs would actively find ways to skim around the rules and kill as much as possible and Ts will fuck eachother over as long as it means they can get another kill horrible idea imo. community gamemodes like JB and ZE and shit should be played for fun, they should not be grinded for points/rank (yeah im looking at u ZE point system)
  8. same as silentgunz, y'all hatin on the euros
  9. thats dumb af EDIT: Just read the rest of the thread, my post is useless now, nvm xd