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  1. move recent posts back to the bottom of trhe forum so i can hyperscroll down there to check, instead of having to find it on the right =(
  2. egh, yeah thats pretty much why I quit playing, the DLC & battle-pass costs were getting too high for the fun I was getting out of the game
  3. Is there any raids you can do if you only have the Forsaken DLC? I'm not technically new to the game, I used to play, but really only solo content and strikes. Would love to play some group content with SG
  4. This'd be great if possible. Back in my admin days I used to main on BuildRP and JB and having had something like this would've been amazing, especially on JB to pick out smart repeat offenders who just do it again when the admin that punished them leaves. Seeing as how TTT is somewhat similar to JB I'm sure it'd work great there as well
  5. cant find shit, everythings too big and centered, too much space wasted, i dont like it also, wheres my fookin medals
  6. Sup y'all, it's ya homie, elelelelelele in da house its almost my birthday and I wanna get a nice gaming mouse but also dont want it to be too expensive (thinking in the range of 40 bucks) right now im using this ol' thing; https://www.trust.com/en/product/19509-gxt-152-exent-illuminated-gaming-mouse which looks pretty nice, but i feel like the sensor ain't all that and the movement doesnt feel very smooth either. + sometimes when I try to flick really hard (usually to the right) it will instead send me to the left and straight to the floor, making me look like a fucking moron staring at the floor doing 360s instead of flicking a dudes head off
  7. Elemental

    elo hell

    *Cough* valorant *cough*
  8. the dlc costs are killing me in destiny 2 ;-; Valorant is a good alternative to CS:GO as well
  9. Elemental

    Online names

    my friends irl call me ele, so they kinda do
  10. yeah man havent seen u since the old JB days XD don't play on the SG servers as much anymore, especially since JB is now controlled by the new squeaker generation x.x
  11. Ermgergerd its asshat