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Traitor either get pinged or explode.

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Playing TTT you understand that there is t/traitor room. So having a T stay in that spot for like the entire game is the most annoying and sad thing ever. So you guys should add something if a T stay there for more than 40 seconds they should be pinged then if they stay there for one minute they explode. This make it easier so traitor actually have to do something and not just camp and chill with an awp. Also get rid of kos from picking a T awp, and not staying still it killing TTT <_ love you>

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It would probably have to be customly added to every map with T rooms. Also there is already a rule on Ts delaying, if a T is camping and not actually killing players you can warn them and if they keep on doing it you can make a player complaint or call an admin on


Also with Players camping in the T room with a awp it will be looked into

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