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  1. No. Using a compound word where you're clearly just tacking on the f-slur to another word is akin to using the word itself.
  2. As social change has progressed rapidly within the last few years, the f-slur has fallen into the list of big-red flag words that could really tear down someone's career or business if it was discovered that they used it, especially more recently. The f-slur, alongside with the already banned words have socially become more or less fully unacceptable to use causally, especially in terms of trying to find partnerships. Us banning this word not only allows us to be more welcoming to those who may be offended by this word, but also opens up the door for more marketing opportunities down the line such as Discord (pls) and potentially other communities. At least in my opinion, retard has not really fallen into the realm of big no-no words (yet) as many people still say it casually and without much repercussion. A lot of people I know and a lot of instances I have seen people still using "retard" and "retarded" in common conversation without much issue or problem from other people. If the day comes where this word becomes a big no-no then it is what it is, but I don't see that day coming soon. I know banning x word and not y word can create confusion, but hopefully my take can provide more insight.
  3. Phoenix_

    Bhop Changelog

    9/22/21 woah! a changelog! Changed our default jump tracker plugin from bhop_stats to sm_jumps (Mainly applies to staff, just something of note.) Removed 6 Maps: bhop_strafecontrol (T5) bhop_ratmeat (T5) bhop_nova_fix (T5) bhop_gofuckyourself (T4) bhop_2_S4RO (T4) bhop_eazy_csgo_ (T1, This will be readded once an exploit is patched) Removed 2 Styles: Surf HSW Segmented Parkour Additionally, we are looking into adding a TAS style, so stay on the lookout for that in the future. As always, we are open to map suggestions, so feel free to submit one if you are interested.
  4. Yo. The server is rank 682. We need to get it below 500 by the 30th. You know what to do people. Let's get this bread
  5. If you are interesting in improving your abilities as CT, I made an unofficial guide to the CT side a while back here: It's really generally just learning when to be lenient and just playing around with the Ts and don't be too serious. It's a game, have fun.
  6. I personally think making the price increase per one bought makes it unfair to players because I feel like it defeats the purpose of this plug-in. I think that will really only let the most skilled players get utilities, which is something I wanted to avoid as much as possible, though I know some concept of only the most elite will buy it frequently will exist. I also know it will be an inevitable rush for nades at the start of the round, but I want to try and balance that out by how money works and that just makes a classic "lets play the arbitrary number game" and that's not something to worry about right now. I think if we let a small % of money carry over from round to round it will decrease this issue as something incentivizing rebelling would be getting enough money to get a bump mine, jihad, etc.
  7. Hello, Please bare in mind this is my own personal views, this is not something that is confirmed to come out, this is just something I wanted to discuss with the public that could be brought to the JB team to look into. The only real option for a T buy option right now is a Jihad, and even then the plugin is pretty buggy and really old. I think it's about time to revamp this to 2021 standards. NOTE: The only thing I can absolutely confirm (via @TheZZL) is that if this is implemented there will be absolutely NO GUNS in the buy menu. No AK suggestions please What I am proposing: Add a buy menu: Money is earned through damage done on CTs (encourages rebelling, and you feel you earning the things you buy to help you gain an edge as a reward for good work) Items in the buy menu could include Smokes, Flashes, Frag Grenades, Jihad, Bumpmines, Maybe custom items??! (this would probably require stripping nades from cells in all maps if we chose to go through with this) Items would be restricted to a certain amount per round/one per x amount of rounds. (ex: 2 smokes for the T team per round, 1 bumpmine every 2-3 rounds) Removes the weird popup for Jihad that wouldn't even work half the time anyway, and this menu wouldn't pop up unless you wanted to buy something. Potential for live tracking of how many are left per round? Pros: Adds a fresh feature to our server Revamps a old system that has long needed some TLC Removes the potentially stale spawns of nades CTs can easily memorize, keeps CT on their toes. Cons: Potentially a good chunk of coding Stripping out nades from all the cells (time consuming) Not very beginner-friendly as the money system is skill-based and new players may question where cell nades are that may exist on other servers. Could give Ts an unfair advantage on some maps where a nicely places smoke/frag could turn the entire tide of a round too often. -- Please share your thoughts on this idea, and potential changes/additions to this.
  8. Congrats boys! Well deserved.
  9. Congrats to @crazedkangaroo for winning Normal and Scroll Styles! No one submitted for seg besides myself and since I don't want to win my own event, I am going to use a random number generator between @Clamor and @20 scrolls Scrolls gets Evens, Clamor gets Odds. Result: Please message me on here or steam to claim your prize. Thank you to those who participated.
  10. !ƨγod oϱ ƨ'Ɉɘ⅃ !Ɉi γɒlq oɈ bɘɈiɔxɘ oƨ m'I !Ɉnɘvɘ ƨiʜɈ ɿoʇ ƨʞnɒʜT
  11. Phoenix_

    Larger gang idea

    Yeah I personally see this as a bad idea. I think there's a good balance with gangs as they are and increasing the size of gangs would just throw off this balance. People would definitely all crowd to one gang just so they can say they won. Keeping the gangs small allows for a chance for gangs or even 3 or 4 people to still win. If you expanded the max size to even just 10, a clan of 3 buds would have no shot at winning. I don't even want to address the pay to win aspect of this, as it's just really nonsensical on a few levels. Not only do I think it would be more trouble than it's worth to make gang expansion exclusive to donor ranks, but also it would definitely add a pay to play aspect to a core feature of our server, something that I can guess is unwanted.
  12. Great job already everyone!! Let's surpass JB and get to our goal and keep on getting better. Fantastic show-out from everyone so far and the progress we've been making is incredible.
  13. congrats roddy! well deserved, you've been doing excellent for ZE.
  14. Just gonna open this with a quick statement: A long ass thread with illustrations shitting on the manager providing no real solutions isn't going to solve anything, just discredit your name and make you look dumb. There's a difference between giving constructive criticism and just being an ass. It's a Discord message. You don't need some beautifully written message for it to be effective. When you try and get your friends on, you don't go "Oh my dearest friend Joe, would you please partake in the video game of Counter Strike: Global Offensive on the map ttt_nuketown_sg1 on the Steam-Gamers TTT server? I would appreciate your presence." you go "yo bro get on TTT". What you are pointing out is different styles of management. ZZL is someone who is wordy about what he says (not that it's a bad thing, he's a total workhorse and is doing great), while Creten is someone who is typically someone who would use the line "we do a little trolling". He's more casual and will be shorter-winded about getting people on. ZE is literal proof you don't need an extravagant message to get people on. We got a full server on with a few messages of like "YOOO PEOPLE GET ON". Lynxie, I'm gonna be straight up with you. Of the people on the events team, there's a total of 2 people who are really open to running TTT events, and one of them is myself. I personally have been busy with work and will continue to be busy once school starts and I start a new job. JB has a larger and more active staff base than TTT does, and that's just the hard truth. MG has gotten more events because the majority of the MG events come from @BloodBlades and pretty much all of his events go to MG. Since December, you made three event suggestions: one of which got applied (and didn't go well if I remember), one got rejected, and one didn't get any responses. All of your recent suggestions for additions to the TTT server have been replied to by an SM saying we have no interest in adding them or they are being discussed further. It's awfully bold of you to call the current situation bad management when you couldn't maintain an admin position due to your bad behavior . Lack of effort is also really a blind and ignorant call because the TTT server talk is active and things get discussed pretty frequently and @Creten is definitely doing what he can to push the server forward. Your suggestions get responded to quickly and provide insight on where they may go, so I really don't understand where you're getting all this from dude. You're acting like the server is completely stagnant when the manager tries to get people on most days of the week, and has bugged the ET multiple times about getting events out. This time of year always has potential to bring about a rough patch population wise because of people going on vacation and going back to school or whatever. Trust me that effort is being put into TTT and we're not going to give up on it because of one bad month.
  15. On top of potential access issues to this, this would most likely take up a lot of storage to store files of demos with sound (for a server like JB and probably TTT too, you need sound for context) and would not be very convenient to do at all. Think of it this way, depending on the quality of the replay, shadow-playing 15 minutes of footage can take up around 1-2GB of storage. Now imagine that for a week straight. On top of this, I'm not sure if you are suggesting that we would have to dig through the demos to find an incident, but if you are that would also be incredibly inconvenient just to figure out if someone did something usually worthy of a 12 hour - 1 Day ban. This suggestion overall seems like more trouble than its worth.