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  1. Well, after the replies from John and yourself it's clear that this change is more understandable. Not that applying for admin really has any effect on me anymore, but I guess when I was looking at it from my perspective this change didn't make much sense. To be fair, there are CA+ who interact with applicants outside of the game servers on Discord and the forums and can probably give some sort of input. I don't fully agree with this change still (not that it really matters, lol), but I'm excited to see what's coming in the future.
  2. While I can understand the logic behind this, I think it would really be best if the system we had in place for years remained put. Since the discontinuation of admin recommendations from other staff members, there has been no fundamental change to how voting on admin apps works (iirc). While there are people who shitpost and people who get their friends to make a cluster of supports/reapplys on certain people I think it's still valuable to take into consideration the opinions of those who aren't CA/SM. Firstly, why were A/SAs excluded from this? They could give just as good, if not better input on players that apply for admin because I am sure they play with the people applying as much, if not more than certain CAs and SMs. For instance, why should someone who exclusively plays ZE only get a realistic chance of getting a reply from a total of like 5-6 people? Even better an example, why would you limit someone who exclusively plays bhop to only really get valuable feedback on the application from two people at most? Secondly, while As/SAs/CAs/SMs may have many interactions with players in the server, what if a reg/member has had an interaction with an application that was overwhelmingly negative or positive that they wanted to share? Silencing people here does more harm than good if you ask me. I understand there are plenty of responses on applications now that lack substance, I still think it's worth revisiting this and giving people the power to give their two cents on applicants.
  3. phoenix_

    Ct playtime change

    This topic has been brought up so many times at this point I think if I had a dollar for every time this was brought up in the last 18 months, I could probably buy elite supporter. As expressed by ZZL in his post, there is no change coming to the requirement. Think of it like this: it's like putting a band-aid on your thumb. Use a little finger band-aid and it works, but isn't perfect. The bigger the rubber band, the worse it gets. As far as players go, an approach I think that could be reasonable for the time being is seeing the average amount of players at peak times over the last month and making it enable at around 2/3 of that peak. That way, if the pop doesn't hit 20, it can still help prevent rule breakers.
  4. Uhhhh... thank you everyone for your participation! I hope everyone who gave it a shot had a fun time with it, even if you didn't win anything. Special shout outs to our first and second place winners for getting it quickly without the help of the additional hints. So, now for the results. In first place, @20 scrolls!!! (Yeah, I'm thrilled too.. ) With his $30 winnings, he has chosen to receive a Factory New M4A4 Buzz Kill! He will be receiving this item when the trade ban comes off of it the 2nd of January. Here's what it looks like in game: In Second place we have....... @Acer!!! He finished briefly after scrolls, but still on the same day. With his prize, he chose to get Cuphead + The Soundtrack! In third place, JUST beating out @euro, we have @Leon Mordecai!!! Leon chose to recieve Battlefield 4 on Steam. Congrats to all of our winners and thanks again to everyone who participated! Special thanks to @Black Rainfor running this and organizing it with me. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and stays healthy and happy throughout it. Cheers!
  5. I really don't understand the effective difference here. Purposefully disobeying is quite literally the same thing as actively rebelling, as well as the second part of your 'new' definition is just a rewording of the current definition. Your suggestion just adds more word jumble to the current definition and can just add more confusion. I don't really see an issue with the whole "blatant disobey" thing because the point of Jailbreak is for the prisoners to rebel and kill the CTs. To some extent, you should be constantly thinking about how you can blatantly disobey to turn the round in your favor. There's literally never been an issue with people killing over blatant disobey, and the way the rule is currently written is concise and clear, there's no change needed for it. It should just remain the same as it has been-- if you think you've been free killed, notify an online admin or make a player complaint if it gets extensive. Point being, even if this change is made, nothing will change. People will still kill the same, no need to add the extra words to bring no effect.
  6. phoenix_

    BHOP Questions

    Yo. I don't know who manages bhop now, so I figured I would make a thread with my questions for bhop going into the future, since it seems like the server is in a weird limbo state right now. 1) Resetting times & ranks- Is this still happening? This is something Noxstar intended on doing but never got to doing before his departure, so I was wondering if the next manager at the helm was interested in still doing this. 2) Seeing how far you are from the record with the timer- This is a feature that was on the server for a good amount of time but I assume something with this feature broke and was wondering the possibility of it returning. It is a good feature to have on the server and stunk to see it go. 3) What are the plans to grow the server in the future?- It seems that the server has been in a dying state recently, and I know CS:GO bhop has been in general, but the other popular 128 tick bhop server maintains at least 10-15 players throughout the majority of the day. Has anyone considered trying to do fun events like trivia nights, dj nights, or anything of the like? Any response whenever the future manager is decided would be appreciated. Just tryna figure out what's to come for my favorite server
  7. forearm [fawr-ahrm, fohr-]


    1) Anatomy - the part of the arm between the elbow and the wrist.

    2) Zoology - the corresponding part of the foreleg between the elbow and the knee in certain quadrupeds.

  8. @BloodBladesdon't feel bad dude. You tried to get an event that was fun in the past back going. It doesn't seem you were informed of the state of scrim. It's unfortunate that a new plugin was implemented on the server when the old one worked just fine, especially when the new plugin is nowhere near functional for an event like this. It's sad to see a server be left for dead when it used to be super fun to fuck around with some friends and now it barely functions. Good attempt at the event, but sometimes things just don't work out.
  9. What is your in-game name? phoenix What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_1:0:160303240 What style are you entering in? normal Time for submission: 5:21.710 Screenshot of time Video Submission (optional) no
  10. I don't see an issue here. There's something like this that comes up every so often and it will die in a couple of weeks. There are multiple ways to do a high amount of damage to someone in a single shot and call it a warning shot. I just played a map with the p90 and it played no different than with any other gun. We don't need to remove a gun entirely or nerf the gun because of an extremely small minority of players who use it to be toxic. Same thing happened with awp warning shots, grenade warning shots, other smg warning shots, etc. It's a trend that will die down. To be honest, making this thread will only make the problem worse. The people trolling with this want to do it more frequently and more obnoxiously to tilt people harder. All I recommend is just ride through the trend and try and put as little mind to it as you can. The more attention you give it, the more it feeds the people doing it. Starve them of attention they crave and it will stop.
  11. I don't see the point in this. Just read chat, it's not that difficult to take the extra second to look down for orders.
  12. I'm not sure if this is actually correct but I'm going off an assumption here ( @Noxstar please enlighten me if I'm wrong), but all the records we have on the server with the player "Invalid" in the replay is a vacced account. My main backing of this is that all of the people with these times are cheaters who probably got their accounts banned because vac caught on to their bullshit. A prime example of this is Intel, who got vac banned quite a while ago and now his records are listed as "Invalid". When you view the WR, are you still able to see their steam ID for when you report their times?