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  1. Personally not a fan. While the current rag dolls can be a little funky to ID sometimes, it's still a classic part of TTT, and I feel like tombstones makes it a bit more boring in my own opinion. I feel like if we went down the whole tombstone route, there would be more cosmetics to add and I'm not even sure how many custom tombstones exist, and that could be a time sink to rig and get out, or potential money to pay someone else to make them. Overall I just feel like what you're suggesting would be a bit too much effort for any of the "benefits" of this change. I'm not the TTT guy, so not really up to me, but just my opinion IG
  2. Uhhh if I am grasping what the OP is saying, I don't think what you're getting at is a giant issue. While yes, people will hold grudges against players they have had negative experiences with, I don't think staff members will go on the forums and think of an idea as less than just because of their perception of someone. I can't give specific examples because it's more of a memory of "yeah, this happened", but I know for a fact that there have been really solid and well-thought out suggestions from players that the staff had a generally negative view on, and we took the idea seriously, discussed it, and may have even implemented it in a few cases. While we may view people as "pests" from time to time-- if they make a good suggestion for our servers we will be sure to take it seriously and not just discard it because it comes from x player. I think you're misinterpreting slim. He's saying he made this thread over you making an admin complaint that was pretty quickly rejected, and he may have felt bias against you was at play (there wasn't, we do our best to keep our rulings as fair as possible, no matter who makes the complaint).
  3. Phoenix_

    [MC] FTB Revelation

    Hey, I can't believe I have to say this, but since someone just tried to do it-- if you try to log4j, you ARE getting permed out of existence. The exploit is patched, and our players aren't in danger of this on our server, but it's akin to hacking someone's computer. Thank you to the low-life that logged on to our server on a freshly bought minecraft account just to try this shit. Get a fucking life.
  4. Hi everyone. Today I am here to announce major changes to two of our existing servers, and announce the opening of three new servers! I want to keep this short and sweet, so let's just get right into it. But I will simply thank everyone involved in the making of these servers, you know who you are and I appreciate you immensely. The two servers experiencing changes: Easy Bunnyhop- IP will remain the same @ or Will now only include maps of Tier 1 through some Tier 3 difficulty The replay bot has been wiped since many times didn't match records or were from cheated runs. All player times and completions have been wiped to account for a smaller map pool and give everyone a fresh start as we are in a sense, "re-launching" the server. (Map # will be updated in a few days, but you won't lose any completions) Easy Surf- IP will remain the same @ or Will now only include maps of Tier 1 and 2 difficulty. Times and completions of removed maps will be removed to account for the updated map pool. (This is done) Our three new servers! Movement Server Discord- Join through this link: Will be a hub for our movement server players, much like how we have a server for Zombie Escape. Has channels for you to share runs on maps, music bots you can listen to while playing, and more! Will host a specially made bot that is currently under development Hard Bunnyhop- Can be joined with either of these IPs @ or Will include maps of some T3-T6 difficulty A home for our more serious players who enjoy more challenging maps Surf 24/7 Rotation- Can be joined with either of these IPs @ or Will include 5 of some of the most popular surf maps on rotation A place for casual surfers to hang out, relax, and make some new friends. Some potential questions- How will awards for these servers be handled? For Bunnyhop, completion awards will be for both servers. Meaning, if you get 25% completion on either of the servers you can get a 25% completion award. Perhaps I can see if I can get special awards made for something like 50% completion on both servers. For surf rotation, it will just be playtime awards. Kind of senseless to go for any other sort of award on a server with 5 maps. Why are we doing this? For Bunnyhop, we decided that creating a place for both styles of players to enjoy would be a good route moving forward. We were hoping to attract casual and new players to the easy server and maintain a casual and friendly atmosphere there, while the hard server is meant to host more seasoned players just looking to compete for times or challenge their own skill with harder maps. For surf, we just went over statistics of our server and how to improve it, and we noticed that servers that only had Tier 1 and 2 maps typically performed much better than servers with higher tier maps in their map pools. The 24/7 rotation server was just our take on something that's really always been a hit in CS:GO community servers, so we figured it couldn't hurt to try and see if we could make our own popular rotation server. I hope to see everyone out there! Enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions you have below.
  5. Phoenix_

    Bhop Changelog

    1/6/22 Times and Replays have been wiped. Our Easy Bhop server now only features Tier 1 through some Tier 3 maps. We have released a hard server that features harder Tier 3 maps through Tier 6 maps. This can be found at Player Ranks have been reset. Completion % is a bit messed up right now, but will be fixed within a few days. Thank you to @Nishokfor his incredible cooperation through this whole process. The encoded garbage will be decoded when I get home from work tonight. Have fun
  6. jmc can get nba playground borya let me get american truck sim (proof)
  7. American Truck Simulator Rising Storm 2: Vietnam + 2 DLCs Kingdom Come: Deliverance Yakuza 0 NBA Playgrounds
  8. I had never actually thought of this. This is a really intriguing idea that is something that has potential, but I don't think the time is right at this moment to put this out. I would rather wait until the release of a new server to see how it does on it's own. I don't think this would be the best as its own independent server, but may be better implemented as a separate event. This is something I will put in the back of my mind and look into at a future date. Thanks for the suggestion, I like the concept. Feel free (anyone) to put more feedback to this. I think this has a really good basis to it.
  9. Phoenix_

    Bhop Changelog

    11/27/21 Alright, here's part two of ????? - Removed 93 Maps: - Updated the tier on 20 Maps: - Updated the zone model from the Custom SG one to one with some snazzy lightning bolts. more updates to come in the hopefully near future. i promise im kind of sane
  10. Phoenix_

    Bhop Changelog

    11/26/21 So just a disclaimer this change is the first portion of several larger changes to come. The Bunnyhop staff team is going through the process of reviewing all the maps on the current server and removing the ones that aren't enjoyable to improve overall player experience. With that being said-- - Removed 115 Maps: - Temporarily Disabled 2 maps that were causing issues with players joining. bhop_exodus_fix (T5) bhop_dragon (T5) Special thanks to @Borya @ImHunterIRL @Valk and @Reid99 for their continued help to this point, going at this pace wouldn't be possible without them.
  11. As of right now, this is not possible with our current plugin. We think this is a good idea, but right now this is not something we're able to add. If we find a better plugin in the future, this is definitely a feature we would like to have included. Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately this isn't something we can do right now.