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  1. keep it real dawg dont let your sister spill spaghetti on your computer again
  2. I will miss you

  3. EVENT IN 15 MINUTES GET IN BOYS :pogslide:
  4. Map Removal Full map name bhop_spokywinter Type of map Bhop Why should we remove it It's dark, has many weird, protruding collision spots, and multiple parts of the map don't have correct triggers to reset you when you fall. Please remove
  5. Hey I completely didn't realize that the ZE event was at an extremely similar time today! This will be rescheduled for 8 PM Tonight! Sorry for the late notice of this, hopefully, we will see you guys there!
  6. Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a room. A rubber room! A rubber room with rats, and rats make me crazy. Crazy?

  7. I'm rather indifferent if they're allowed or not because I don't really use them. I don't see a need to ban them and I don't see how it creates an "unfair advantage" when everyone can technically use turn binds. If people want to use it as a tool to make them better I don't see why someone would have a problem with it because they could do the same... But if most people want to have them removed it's not such a big deal because I honestly don't see a ton of people using them to begin with.
  8. Bump. Any update on this possibly being pinned in the Player Complaint section?
  9. Congratulations everyone! Well deserved!
  10. Just because the managers aren't uber active on the servers doesn't mean they don't care. I talk to two of them frequently and they talk about how they have a shit ton on their plate ATM for Jailbreak and are actively discussing multiple topics. Also, not every manager is @fantastic . Just because they don't hop on the server and do goofy speed rounds or low grav rounds doesn't make them any better or worse than him. On top of this, I think CAs are allowed to do fun rounds as long as the managers are cool with it. If you see an AT or CA on, ask them if they can start a vote for a fun round. The worst they can say is no. The literal basis of the gamemode is for the Ts to rebel and take over the prison. Is it really easy for them to do that on maps? Yes, but sometimes it's the nature of the beast. I personally think there are ways to make it a little more balanced, but I've expressed those thoughts elsewhere. I don't think RTD would be a good addition. As far as I can remember from the Halloween event, it was the one thing people didn't want to come back to future events. -- I also agree with @Casual in the sense that for the most part the server is in a pretty good spot. There's nothing sticking out like a sore thumb that is genuinely making the sever die. The server is bouncing between the 200-300 range which is relatively good and I think is our highest rated server ATM. @idealist said it best, be the change you want to see. There's nothing we can do to force CTs to give orders. But, when you're on CT you can give engaging and fun orders and show it can be more fun that the two polarized options of freeday or total authoritarian orders, both of which are no fun when done on repeat day in day out.
  11. I'm rather late but I'm not really in the loop with who steps down anymore. Thanks for all ya did weeb, may you camp one-way forevermore.

  12. My bad, forgot to put time zone. 3PM EST is 9PM your time. I hope you can make it.
  13. thank u @thuxys for the banner What is manhunt? Manhunt is a game mode where one or two people (depending on group size) will go out and find a vehicle that naturally spawns on the map and act like a civilian the best they can so they aren't found. The non-hiders wait for the hiders to hide, and go out and find a vehicle that naturally spawns and do their best to find the hiders without cheating. What are the rules? 1. Your radar must be OFF (Settings -> Display -> Radar : OFF) 2. Your player overhead name display must be off. (Settings -> Online -> Player Overhead Display: NONE) 3. No personal vehicles. 4. Anyone may customize a streetcar at Los Santos. 4. No randomly shooting people in cars in the hopes of getting lucky and killing a hider. 5. Seekers must use single-shot pistols to kill hiders. (No auto pistols, no up-n-atomizer) 6. Hiders can use SMGs to defend themselves against seekers. 7. Hiders may move on foot for a short time but should remain in a vehicle most of the time. 8. Hiders may not hide inside of buildings (you may customize your car in LS for a short time). 9. Hiders must remain within the map's confines. See the map below. How will you prevent cheating? This entire game mode is built off trust that no one will cheat to keep it fun for everyone. Through experience in playing this game, it's clear that not everyone is trustworthy. While I ask that you please don't cheat so it's as fun as possible for everyone, I will be taking an extra measure to prevent cheaters. Each round, someone-- either myself or another volunteer can choose to sit out a round and watch the minimap. Generally speaking, if I or the other observer see a player dart directly for the hider or pause then go directly towards the hider, you will be kicked from the lobby. You will be allowed to rejoin, but if it happens a second time, you will be barred from the event. What's the map? The map can be seen here: (Yes, I know it's scuffed) It is divided into 3 zones, each of which a hider is allowed to enter. If need be, we may require hiders to say one region they will not be in if the turnout is low, but hopefully, we will not resort to that. be there or be square When? Saturday, May 23rd @ 3pm EST Where? I will host a friends-only lobby so we may have privacy. Please PM me here or on Discord if you need to add my social club. While you are here you might as well join our steam group!
  14. I got options, I could pass that bitch like Stockton