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  1. Morning gamers! Event is in about 90 minutes!
  2. phoenix_


    Should have clarified why I said google form-- Most of the bhop regs don't have forums accounts and don't care to make them yet they are the major player base. Having an ez google form they can click in game is the best way to get feedback from them.
  3. phoenix_


    Hello. Here is a list of things I think would be positive changes for the BHOP server. I know this gamemode isn't super popular anymore in CS:GO, but if we were to be the number one CS:GO Bhop server, we could pull at least decent pop over the Summer. 1) Extend the AFK timer. I think the issue that originally required us to have the short afk timer and afk kick is resolved. Also, it's really annoying when you get up to do something for two minutes and you get kicked from an empty/low pop server. Another issue with the short kick timer is that on longer records you can just zone out and watch and not think about moving your mouse or anything, you can get kicked when you're still paying attention to a record (Many T5 records are upwards of 15 mins). 2) Add a Google form / Forums thread to request to have a map removed Essentially, the same concept of adding a map, but removing it. There are 733 maps, and there are undoubtedly some that are garbage. If bhop staff can come to a consensus on a map that gets requested to be removed, it should be removed. Keeping a high map count is good, but skimming out the shit ones helps keep things fun. 3) Add the ability to resume your time when joining spectate. Whether it be via afk or giving someone help via spec, losing your progress on a map can suck. There are other servers that have this feature and its really handy.
  4. what the dog doin?

  5. Thank you for everyone that came out! I hope you had a good time if you decided to come
  6. EVENT HAPPENING IN JUST A FEW MINUTES! HOP ON NOW AND GET READY FOR SOME MADNESS!!!! steam://connect/ steam://connect/ steam://connect/ steam://connect/
  7. event is in just under an hour!! be there or be square!!
  8. (I believe this is @ThRza's banner so thanks) What is Terraria? Terraria is a single/multiplayer survival game where the objective is to collect resources and gear to defeat bosses. That is an extremely oversimplified definition, as you can find plenty of walkthroughs all over the internet and YouTube, like this one here. I recommend you take a peak at it whether you are new or returning to the game, it will be very helpful. What is Our Objective? Last time, we ran the game in normal mode, this time we are running the much more challenging master mode, where all enemies are a lot more difficult to kill, but you have a shot at more gear and rewards for killing bosses. I will be playing in the morning and in the evening, but I will be keeping the server up all day for people to come and go and contribute how they can. Our goal for the event will be to get into hard mode and beat the wall of flesh. I will continue the server after the event, but just in impromptu sessions. If you're interested in that, please contact me after the event. When and Where? I will again host a dedicated server on my PC at the time of the event and will hand out the IP then. The event will be next Tuesday, the 15th from 10 AM to 7:30PM. I will be keeping up the server this long since it will allow for good time for progress and a wide range of players to get a shot of logging on. Any Rules? Don't steal other's items. Don't grief and cause us to lose items, throw boss fights, etc. No exploiting or cheating allowed. We will also be hosting this event through our Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
  9. time for pain
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  11. JB POWER-UP EVENT Have you ever wanted to move across the map at double or even TRIPLE speed? Have you ever wanted to do it sideways like Phoon? Have you ever wanted to feel like you were on the moon and bounce around in low gravity? Have you ever wanted to feel like an absolute UNIT and have more health? It's your choice to use these powers for good or for evil. Be a Guard and maintain order and make sure chaos doesn't ensue, or be a Prisoner and make the Guards endure a living hell. The choice is yours! You just gotta show up WHEN? THIS FRIDAY!! June 11th from 5-6PM EST! WHERE? Our Jailbreak Server, of Course! IP: Also make sure to also join our new and improved Jailbreak Steam Group! We will also be hosting this event through our Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
  12. I always supported longer cooldowns between maps is beneficial to keep the server fresh with maps and not have the same maps on repeat 24/7. I remember the days where it was the rotation of the 2 razer maps, vipinthemix, summer jail, and undertale all day long. It was unbearably stale, and not fun, especially with both og razer and razer revamp having no minigames to play making it a literal hell for CTs to try and run, which is why you tend to see really heavy T-sided ratios on those maps. I think we have a good balance where we are now.
  13. Heyo, I think it would be a good addition to the server if we got a plugin that showed the health status of players like in the original GMOD game mode. (See Below) Adding this would I think force Ts to be more conscientious about their actions and could be a double edged sword for the T side. You'll be able to see what kind of health people are on, but if people see that you're wounded and haven't been part of the major group, people will be suspicious of you. This would allow our server to be more true to the gamemode and be an interesting addition to the server and require to really think about their actions. I personally think this would be a minor buff to Detectives and Innos, as they could see who is wounded and maybe act a little more suspect of them. Please share your thoughts
  14. Due to a combination of server issues and general loss of interest, I am calling the event here. Thank you to everyone that came out, it was at least worth a shot. I still recommend trying this game on your own though. It's great to kill time with