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ttt_damons_canyon_b2 request

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Alright guys Beta 2 out now!

This one comes with the Traitor Tester and a few T rooms. But none of them have windows so they don't give an unfair advantage.


Note: For the tester to work and the T-room doors. The plugin for TTT has to be updated or atleast these 2 files have to be on the server:







Traitor Tester



Two Traitor Only Areas



Improved clipping



New area containing the tester



A few more guns

Screenshots attached


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Alright I'll bump this again. So what's going on with this? Any sort of information would be dope


The two plugins are tied to Bara's TTT plugin and they won't work on ours.


EDIT: Did you by chance use the information on this thread for your traitor tester and buttons? @Kirby

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Thanks for the information. I was not aware SG used a completely seperate TTT plugin.

Well I did on all my other maps, but it is a very outdated system.

Would require me to rework the map yet again, so I'll look into it.

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