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  1. I'd suggest including pictures of the skins in question. Most people probably don't know them just by name. Also does the TTT server have any of the SG TF2 models anymore? I thought they couldn't be removed
  2. 5/1/2022 Added maps deathrun_spy_vs_spy_sg Updated maps deathrun_iceworld_sg_v1 to deathrun_iceworld_hdr Fixed invisible spikes and added cubemaps. Removed maps - Multigames mg_50arenas_v2_3_nc2 mg_minecraft_basebuild_fixed_cs mg_headshot_machine_multiarenas_v7 mg_mikis_multigames2_beta mg_galaxy_multigames_v5_nc2 mg_nature_multigames_v2 mg_misty_island_multigames mg_struses_games_v4_1 mg_skilled_or_lucky_multigames_v1 mg_modernworld_multigames_v1 Course can not be voted for after 10+ players. Deathrun is available once the server reaches 10+ players.
  3. 4/12/2022 Added maps mg_murasakichaos_multigames_v2 mg_brawlstars_multigames_v1 Updated maps mg_oaks_multigames_v2_1 to mg_oaks_multigames_v3 mg_arcs_multigames_csgo_v2_nc3 to mg_arcs_multigames_v4 mg_struses_games_v3 to mg_struses_games_v4_1 Removed maps - Course mg_fission_course_fix_cs mg_apotos_unleashed mg_portal_course mg_escape_from_the_office_v3 mg_shroxx_course mg_neon_go_course mg_beach_course_final mg_noggot_course_fix_v2_cs mg_azure mg_nightmare_in_the_office mg_cygnus_course_v2 mg_labo_course_fixed_csgo
  4. Great event guys! Thanks for showing up
  5. Event in 15! Hop on
  6. Event starts in about 2 hours! Don't miss it!
  7. Minigames: Smashcannonsz Smashcannonsz is a chaotic gamemode. Two terrorists control massive cannons and aim for the counter-terrorists, whos simply trying not to die. The winner is rewarded with some sweet juicy kills, so what's not to love? When? January 27th @ 5:30 PM EST Where? MiniGames - mg.steam-gamers.net Maps mg_smashcannonsz_multistage mg_smashcannonsz_hdr While you're still on this thread, you should join the SG discord server!
  8. Closequarters Damons Canyon Safehouse Kirbycity Parishcity Apehouse Clue Biased? Not at all
  9. 1/5/2022 Added maps mg_pauls_multigames_csgo_v2_hdr mg_mario_galaxy_v2_hdr mg_mario_bros_2018_hdr Updated maps - Completely accurate ports that fixes minor issues mg_yolo_multigames_v2_1_nc2 to mg_yolo_multigames_v2_1_hdr mg_lego_multigames_v9 to mg_lego_multigames_r1c
  10. Aight got a first alright run in. Probably going to improve it later.
  11. Damon

    MG Prop Hunt!

    Lol, you still held the event. Even if you resigned after But alright I'll make a new test. Thanks for the info.
  12. Damon

    MG Prop Hunt!

    I thought that was fixed?
  13. Damon

    MG FY_ Map Event!

    Event in a few minutes, get on!!!