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  1. 1/5/2022 Added maps mg_pauls_multigames_csgo_v2_hdr mg_mario_galaxy_v2_hdr mg_mario_bros_2018_hdr Updated maps - Completely accurate ports that fixes minor issues mg_yolo_multigames_v2_1_nc2 to mg_yolo_multigames_v2_1_hdr mg_lego_multigames_v9 to mg_lego_multigames_r1c
  2. Aight got a first alright run in. Probably going to improve it later.
  3. Damon

    MG Prop Hunt!

    Lol, you still held the event. Even if you resigned after But alright I'll make a new test. Thanks for the info.
  4. Damon

    MG Prop Hunt!

    I thought that was fixed?
  5. Damon

    MG FY_ Map Event!

    Event in a few minutes, get on!!!
  6. Bump. Any last feedback? I will remove and add new content later today. Edit: Updated minigame changelogs. Removed 5 models and added 1 new one. Addicts are still up in the air. I know they are the old standard, but they haven't aged well. Might remove them later.
  7. 10/12/2021 Updated maps mg_south_park_elementary_hdr to mg_south_park_elementary_v2 mg_fallguys_hexagone (now has a timelimit of 10 min) Added maps mg_velocity_tower_csgo_v2 (fixed from previously crashing) New player-model LeetGordon - 10000 Credits Removed player-models Samus - VIP Sasterorrist - Sub CT CSS - 10000 Sniper - 15000 Ezio - 20000 Balkan Addict - 10000 GSG9 Addict - 10000
  8. Appreciate all the feedback so far. Could use even more, so try to tell other Minigame players to look it through and leave a reply. Thanks!
  9. Hey! Feedback time. Here is a list of all playermodels on MG currently. Which ones should stay and which ones need to go? Note: VIP and SUB skins are easier to change. Since they are not bought with credits.
  10. Minigames: Map testing event! You ever felt like Fy_ maps just needs another shot? Well then this is the event for you! Get on MG and pop some heads with your fellow MG gods. Oh and we're doing crackhouse. Cuz why the hell not!? When? October 16th @ 6:30 PM EST Where? MiniGames - mg.steam-gamers.net Maps fy_iceworld_2020 fy_training_yard fy_urbanstreets_b8 cs_crackhouse_sg_n2 fy_pool_club aim_canals While you're still on this thread, you should join the SG discord server!
  11. That was sick! Well done and lets keep the ball rolling
  12. Don't miss out on this one! Saxton hale is lit
  13. 10/5/2021 Removed AWP BHOP Added maps mg_fallguys_hexagone mg_headshot_machine_multiarenas_v7 mg_thc_lego_multimap_v5 mg_longroad_2_v4 (keeping both this and old version for now, very different) mg_dr_minis_course_rc