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  1. Looks like the server initiates the new course map config but since you leave during the load it halts the map switch. Might not be fixable unless we somehow make UMC change map regardless of people leaving or not. Tricky with RTV though.
  2. 28/7/2021 New maps added for Saxton Hale: vsh_arrival_v3 vsh_bianco_hills_v6 vsh_chinatown_b3 vsh_forest_1b vsh_hyrule_castle_final vsh_katze vsh_mann_city_v2 vsh_riverside_b2 vsh_tranquil_b5 vsh_yammoe_rc3
  3. 26/7/2021 Saxton Hale mode is here! The Arena server has had Saxton Hale mode added to it! It is now available to nominate and play directly on the server. Saxton Hale puts all red players against one solo super powerful blue player, equipped with insta kill melee weapons. There are multiple random champions to try as Blue. Arena mode is still available as a separate mode while voting. New maps added: vsh_apg_v2 vsh_barnyard_b2 vsh_citypeak_v1 vsh_foreststation_b10b vsh_frogworks_b5 vsh_manncohg_sg vsh_mariokart_v5 vsh_minegay_b3
  4. 5/13/2020 Changed default map to mg_savethebacon_course_hdr Removed maps mg_grands_multigames_v1_1_nc2 mg_lt_galaxy_csgo_v1_nc2 mg_eparlana_multigame_csgo_v2_nc2 mg_kirbys_towergo mg_nuclear_final_sg mg_adev mg_Mario_Course_v2 mg_lego_nxr_course_v3 Added maps mg_fall_guys_v2 mg_OAKs_Multigames_v2_1 mg_noggot_course_fix_v2_cs
  5. wassup g

    1. Damon


      Damn Roddy returns!?

  6. 4/9/2021 Added maps - Course mg_schooufi_fail_b2_cs mg_labo_course_fixed_csgo mg_fission_course_fix_cs mg_portal_course Added maps - Minigames mg_minecraft_basebuild_fixed_cs Added maps - Deathrun deathrun_simpsons_ff_d_hdr
  7. Ahh classic. Tons of fun regardless of skill level
  8. I wish MG was more active. Can't wait until i can apply again to try to help everybody. There's not a lot of new people i can help these days lmao. Wish you were more active aswell, but i'm pretty sure you have personal stuff going on so i won't blame you for that. If you read this, have a nice day man!

  9. Hai Damon, How it going bud

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      Damon good luck on you're school work and long time no chat. 

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      You too man! Yeah we should catch up man

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      Ye i agree.

  10. 2/14/2021 Added maps mg_apotos_unleashed_final mg_mario_party_v3_4 Removed maps mg_railroads mg_tower_defense_source_csgo3 mg_arena_granary plr_pipeline pl_barnblitz_v1_2 pl_badwater_v1 Course Timer Resets mg_savetheisland_course_reskin
  11. Time to show yall them kart skills
  12. Introducing KZ! I’m happy to announce our brand new KZ Server! This server has been in the works for quiet a while and is finally ready for the public. Our server has been globally approved for GOKZ so all server times will be recorded globally. You can now compete with everyone across the world, so buckle up and practice them hops. What is KZ? KZ is in a simplified way climbing. You climb or traverse different maps by jumping, bhopping and strafing with precision. The gamemode features global times, which means that you can compete with other players that play on any server that is globally approved. Server IP: Important Links KZ Subforum KZ Rules and Commands KZ Changelog KZ Map Downloads KZ Report Cheaters Special Shoutouts Huge thanks to @20 scrolls and @BoTo for testing and making sure everything works as good as intended.
  13. All updates to the server will be posted here.
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