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  1. goofy goober

  2. 8/22/2022 Added maps Brand new ports of older minigames from the CSS era. Added to rotation so more players can give them a shot. mg_grands_multigames_sg mg_tomgreens_allinone_tfx1 mg_tetris_multigames_tfx1 mg_gruber_multigames_tfx1 mg_deltasports_multigames_tfx2 Changes to player models Previous Subscriber only models are now available in the VIP section. As the subscriber perk was cut. Removed excessive file downloads Had a lot of smaller files being downloaded without any need for them anymore. Such as older models and materials.
  3. Rejected. Map is 300 mb because it has been packed incorrectly by the Author. The textures .vmts are also broken.
  4. I'd suggest including pictures of the skins in question. Most people probably don't know them just by name. Also does the TTT server have any of the SG TF2 models anymore? I thought they couldn't be removed
  5. 5/1/2022 Added maps deathrun_spy_vs_spy_sg Updated maps deathrun_iceworld_sg_v1 to deathrun_iceworld_hdr Fixed invisible spikes and added cubemaps. Removed maps - Multigames mg_50arenas_v2_3_nc2 mg_minecraft_basebuild_fixed_cs mg_headshot_machine_multiarenas_v7 mg_mikis_multigames2_beta mg_galaxy_multigames_v5_nc2 mg_nature_multigames_v2 mg_misty_island_multigames mg_struses_games_v4_1 mg_skilled_or_lucky_multigames_v1 mg_modernworld_multigames_v1 Course can not be voted for after 10+ players. Deathrun is available once the server reaches 10+ players.
  6. 4/12/2022 Added maps mg_murasakichaos_multigames_v2 mg_brawlstars_multigames_v1 Updated maps mg_oaks_multigames_v2_1 to mg_oaks_multigames_v3 mg_arcs_multigames_csgo_v2_nc3 to mg_arcs_multigames_v4 mg_struses_games_v3 to mg_struses_games_v4_1 Removed maps - Course mg_fission_course_fix_cs mg_apotos_unleashed mg_portal_course mg_escape_from_the_office_v3 mg_shroxx_course mg_neon_go_course mg_beach_course_final mg_noggot_course_fix_v2_cs mg_azure mg_nightmare_in_the_office mg_cygnus_course_v2 mg_labo_course_fixed_csgo
  7. Hey dudes! Just finished my first L4D2 Campaign ever. Give it a go or I'll hunt you down myself! Here is the download link via Steam Worskhop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2786082058 SG EVENT on L4D2 incoming!?!?
  8. Great event guys! Thanks for showing up
  9. Event in 15! Hop on
  10. Event starts in about 2 hours! Don't miss it!
  11. Minigames: Smashcannonsz Smashcannonsz is a chaotic gamemode. Two terrorists control massive cannons and aim for the counter-terrorists, whos simply trying not to die. The winner is rewarded with some sweet juicy kills, so what's not to love? When? January 27th @ 5:30 PM EST Where? MiniGames - mg.steam-gamers.net Maps mg_smashcannonsz_multistage mg_smashcannonsz_hdr While you're still on this thread, you should join the SG discord server!
  12. Closequarters Damons Canyon Safehouse Kirbycity Parishcity Apehouse Clue Biased? Not at all
  13. Haha I see, where do you die most of the time? If it is with the wrench, you can try and run past some enemies and snatch the first weapon and survive with that.