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  1. Yeah no this can't be fixed. It is simply a result of the player being pushed inside the wall by another physics object.
  2.  Nah Damon , I'll hop on in 2 weeks for the memes but ill prob be on for the events for like some time , im just taking a break from the kids on jb fucking my ears up, I had to go to the doctor to get a check up for my ears

  3. Ahh they figured it out.... Well guess I gotta release a v7 soon :P
  4. 9/21/2020 All maps on the server are now HDR This means that your clients will no longer randomly crash on map change. Also fixes the "Connect from Lobby" glitch. This is a huge change and let me know if you find any issues with the updated maps. Worth noting is also that the mapcrashfixer.smx is now removed from the server, so forcibly switching to an LDR map for any event is not recommended. Temporarily removed maps until recompiled to HDR mg_mario_bros_2018 currently not HDR mg_mario_galaxy_v2_fix currently not HDR mg_savethebacon_course_final currently not HDR mg_iceman_journey_beta1 currently not HDR mg_gore_course_foxm currently not HDR
  5. 9/15/2020 Added maps mg_adev - Medium Replaced maps mg_hazardous_minecraft_course now as mg_hazardous_minecraft_course_v2 mg_minecraft_adventure_final_fix now as mg_minecraft_adventure_final_fix_v2 mg_nebo2_course now as mg_nebo2_course_hdr mg_oaks_laboratory_sg now as mg_oaks_laboratory_hdr mg_office_course_2013 now as mg_office_course_2013_hdr mg_simpsons_course_v3_swbs_v3 now as mg_simpsons_course_hdr mg_switch_cource now as mg_switch_cource_hdr mg_the_factory_course now as mg_the_factory_course_hdr @Modder team dominating! Only 4 more course maps to go and all servers maps will be HDR!
  6. Damon

    hns event

    It's fine posted here, so more people might see it. No he means the one where you chase players with a knife while they only have smoke and flash
  7. 9/12/2020 Gungame Update Gungame now gives players on Nade level unlimited nades regardless of how many players. Map vote now starts when leading player is 7 levels away from winning the game. Replaced maps mg_lawl_course_final_f_go now as mg_lawl_course_hdr mg_sonic_islands_v4 now as mg_sonic_islands_hdr mg_skeet_multigames_v5 now as mg_skeet_multigames_v6
  8. I just tested this map. It is incredibly easy and super short. Not sure this would be worth adding. The map is also not in HDR, so it would be a lot of work for us to recompile it to HDR as well before adding.
  9. Map has been removed from rotation.
  10. Will keep the map in rotation for now. Perhaps I'll shorten the round time to prevent delays.
  11. I understand where you are coming from. This map is however very popular and I don't think removing it would help the server. I will keep it on rotation for now but look out for other maps having similar issues like this one that are not as popular.
  12. Alright, added additional physics cvar. Let me know if it is fixed
  13. Replaced maps mg_artefact_course_sg now as mg_artefact_course_hdr mg_galaxy_course_csgo now as mg_galaxy_course_hdr mg_metal_course_2 now as mg_metal_course2_hdr mg_school_course_b3 now as mg_school_course_hdr mg_pavlos_building_v1_0 now as mg_pavlos_building_hdr Thanks for the extra help@Noxstar