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ba_jail_soar_b5 removal

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Map Removal

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Why should we remove it

The map's been on the server for over a month (
Added 12/18/19
) and only has a little over an hour and a half of playtime. Generally, it doesn't seem like an interesting map people want to play. If we compare it to
it has less time than it even though soar has been on the server for three weeks longer. The map often loses in split vote decisions, and I have yet to play on it for longer than 10 minutes because it gets rtv'd.


I think this, along with a few other, map(s) should be removed due to them/it simply oversaturating the map pool. If we had fewer revamp/razor maps there's a slight chance that it would be played, but considering we have 5 variants of the same popular map I don't see that coming any time soon.


The map was recently played again on 2/4/20 and got double rtv'd after roughly ten minutes.

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