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in alcatraz if i say no disco

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argh they get to be so annoying about it too, and im always really hesitant when i kill people for not listening, ill warning shot, then speak, then warning shot, then speak, then wait and wait, cuz they all just take it as a damn freekill

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That map isn't even real pb map, many times t's just go to disco and be there till time ends, camping there in dark is stupid.


That's what makes the map so awesome. The Disco. I could camp out there for as long as I can virtual dancing :)


BTW, the Ice Skating Rink pwns too.

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Bubbles people get tired of it when you:

camp disco 999 rounds in a row.

make everyone either die trying to kill or wait for the round to end.

say "no disco" and then you blast every t you see at the door.

repeat above every round.



Just change it up a bit and people wont get so mad.

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