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Updating Special Order Rules

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In the jailbreak rules it says, "Special orders are orders given that don't address all of the Ts and ask them to go to a location. This can include telling a portion of the Ts (not all) to go play a death game, go to the bottom of cell stairs, etc."

I believe that rule should be updated to involve the dropping of any secondary and or throw their HE grenade, smoke, etc. Considering you have to directly tell that T to drop his secondary weapon and or throw their grenade and or smoke. Because there have been CTs telling Ts to throw their grenade and or pistols into their cell at the beginning of the round or throughout the round. When CTs tell that specific T to do the special order you are directly giving that individual(or multiple) Ts to do that order you have given them while having other Ts do another order. Because saying "Prez has a free day in soccer" is a special order, but saying "Prez throw your grenade into your cell and drop your pistol to me" is exactly the same because you are directly addressing that person.

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The whole reason "Special Orders" was defined is because of this thread. We just established that telling a T to drop a gun was not a special order and was never intended to be.



Thanks (:


"John, drop the pistol" was never intended to fall under our special orders, even if it may seem to some that it is one. As pointed out by many in this thread we also didn't have a proper definition of what a special order is in our ruleset. Seeing as the only orders we thought would cause chaos would be those that involved a subset of Ts going to a location, we defined special orders as the following in the rules:




Thus, "John, drop the pistol" is not a special order and can be given during !fo and any other time.

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