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  1. funny guy in limo
  2. They can be stacked. For instance, if an admin had a vendetta against a player and constantly targeted him and falsely slayed him, we'd give him multiple infractions.
  3. They are public, same as strikes were. They're in this thread under the Admin Complaints section.
  4. Congrats! @Phoenix_ Well Deserved!
  5. It's really not batshit... Speaking on JB for a minute, I constantly see people complaining about the CTs every time I'm on. You can't sit there complaining while doing nothing to fix the problem. We can't force players to have a better attitude; we can't force them to make the server have a good environment; people have to do that on their own. Jailbreak was incredibly fun back in 2018/2019 because of the people who played it and created a great environment. People gave good orders, made fun death games, and had their own style of enforcing. Now you have CTs who won't talk and give the same bland orders; it's all up to the individual to change how they play. TTT needs everyone to pitch in a put some effort in to revive the server. Please, by all means, make event suggestions, make gameplay suggestions, etc. But we need Staff and Regs to put in some effort to succeed. Creten has been busting his ass trying to seed the server; Mace was just brought on to split the workload and provide some new insight into the server. We're grateful to all the regs who've been seeding along with Creten, but for the rest you can't sit on the sidelines watching your favorite server dying and go, "They should have done more". If you want something to succeed, then put some in some effort.
  6. HOW TO ADD RAM TO CURSEFORGE Go to settings Click on Minecraft Scroll down and slide the bar to how much you want to allocate. If you can spare it go with 8 gigs of ram (8192MB), if you don't have enough try and go with 6 gigs (6144MB).
  7. Infinityward


    "its not a deathgame you can force" meaning you cant force it.
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET ON TTT!!!!!!!!!!!! 04/12/2029
  9. I saw this post last night and I still haven't been able to wrap my mind around it. It's super hard to grasp that someone so young can be taken from us so quick, and I'm sure none of us ever imagined that something like this could happen in the community. Life is fleeting, spend time with family and friends every moment you get, as you might not get another opportunity. Going back and reading his Goodbye thread as well as reading posts from those who were closest to him brought me to tears, and although I didn't know roux too well, I knew of his accomplishments at SG. roux's legacy will live on for years to come. My condolences to his friends and family. May your soul rest in peace.