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  1. Actually you're wrong it's @Gumline
  2. just don't play while at school! get ur edumacation
  3. you literally downloaded this bruh edit: we have came to a conclusion that it was just from a tutorial still shameful
  4. TTT Meeting 1/2/2022 Started at 7:05, ended at 8:45 Current State of the Server - The current state of the server is pretty bad and if you’ve been keeping track of the stats page and playing recently you can tell that the server has been struggling and the plan going forward is trying to be more transparent with the players and try to seed much more. - It’s going to take the entire TTT community to help populate the server when needed and with the lack of players and groups leaving it’s been hard trying to get ideas flowing due to the lack of players. - The SMs want to be more constructive and take the players ideas and suggestions into more consideration and if the ideas are trash or not feasible then they will get shut down but are willing to listen or try any ideas - In the past week, the amount of people getting on has increased drastically bringing in older players and increasing the server rank around 400 ranks bringing us to 1600ish - Events need to be happening more often and Gween is planning on pushing more events towards TTT - Being more open on ideas that are getting implemented to get players excited - Create consistency throughout when it comes to seeding it can't be done randomly, there also needs to be large named players like AfterPot, Hypno, or Wumbo advocating for seeding, not just the SMs or Admins and it needs to have a set schedule for seeding for example every Friday at 5 pm - Get rid of players that are just going out of their way to create issues and Admins have been scared and afraid to act on things and consistency of enforcing rules Karma Collab - The current collab through Scrolls and Wunka has shown some interest with people actively trying to give suggestions and ideas - A suggestion is to try giving ideas for T rooms, T Traps, place signs, or in the post so Scrolls and Wunka know what you’re trying to do - It’s supposed to be a small “build” not a huge “map” Map Pool - People don’t really like darker maps since Traitors like to sit in darker corners and camp - Change the default maps to maps that are liked and popular when maps aren’t nominated since currently, it’s random maps - Currently, when the population is low closequarters is auto set as the map, but skyscraper and community_pool is switched to give some fresh maps, so some maps aren’t overplayed - The current issue is we have maps that are too small for a lot of players and also maps that are too big when we have a lower population which slows down round time making players become bored and leave - A suggestion could be making “smaller” versions of the larger maps for the lower population - Gentoo and Lampshade found a version of HDR Rooftops, maybe Karma or eGO might have an HDR version of it - Scrolls made a script to turn LDR maps into HDR maps - Making a thread for maps that kill the server that allow the TTT community to vote and get rid of - Rotates map every 3ish months? While keeping the top played maps and getting newer maps Item Pool - In the past, we have been limited by the plugins when it comes to adding new ideas and what not but since we have an amazing tech team (scrolls and boto) they are good at making the players and SMs feasible - Creten suggested players to go back to their old, suggested item ideas and suggest them again due to the possibility of it happening now - Biweekly or weekly item buffs or rotations to give everyone something fresh Open Floor - Creten has a “vision” for innocent menu and what innocents to do more than just stand around - Give Innocents a one-use taser or a Detective “deputize” an innocent player since innocents currently are very boring and there’s not much you can add without throwing the innocent role off balance. - The SMs plan on looking into the sub-category rolls and potentially making a week-long event to see how it goes with the TTT community, ImHunterIRL has some ideas when it comes to sub-roles for TTT, Innocent that acts sort of like a Medic - Moving T/D Items around in the list, for example 1 hit knife, radar, health station, armour, taser, etc - Make a plugin for each individual player to customize the order of each item - No matter how strong the items are if they’re underused just continue lowering the price like replacing missiles with slower versions or very slow ones that kill multiple players - Lynxie asking questions on if we’re going to stay on the original/ comp ttt idea and Creten and the team is trying to stay on the casual/balanced side of things - People don’t like to get on the servers by themselves they need to be asked my head really hurts now these fucking forums suck!
  5. this is a dumb name

  6. first come first serve poke lick my nuts and bloodblades gimme my spyro y’all gotta learn to read the replies and go from there on games you want
  7. Dirt Rally 2.0 - Porsche 911 RGT Rally DiRT Rally 2.0 - H2 RWD Double Pack & Some other shit Resident Evil Revelations Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  8. Why would we put a prime requirement on our servers that are already struggling, that would undoubtedly decrease our active players and our future players drastically. Just put a new account blocker on the servers, I'm sure one could easily be found or made. That would make VPN spoofing useless and allow our current players who use VPNs to continue to do so. I'm sure you could argue that you could just buy an account like you could with a prime requirement, but if we implemented the new account blocker that wouldn't affect our active or future players that don't use/have prime while only affecting the alters. With that being said I'd be pretty damn impressed to see alters and hackers purchase 5 dollar accounts back to back only to torment a fucking csgo community server and if they do let them burn through their money we can just ban the little shit heads. Just found this, idk if it'll work but basically what I'm talking about :