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  1. just don't care lol! it's a video game, why care about getting freekilled.
  2. this event is starting right FUCKING NOW!
  3. this banner fucking sucks
  4. I hope you realize you are just as capable as anyone else to promote playing the server. Saying "I don't want to seed TTT" makes you just as much a part of the problem than anyone else, you swear up and down it's your favourite server then why won't you seed it with others to potentially bring it "back to life". If you want content give suggestions for ideas that you'd enjoy seeing, because bitching about not having events then not giving suggestions for what events you'd like does nothing. stop being a piss baby and complaining on the forums and step up and actively do something about it, because again complaining does nothing for the problem.
  5. Not John Cena saying he'd eat the whole beach if it was made out of dicks
  6. Sst3ven - why is it only a week long make it 2 weeks at a minimum, I have to get my Max IV Metagross, Tyranitar and Ninjask.
  7. This only gonna overly complicate things for a server ran by children, why change something when the only reason you are getting warning shot is for your own wrong doing? If you have an issue getting warning shot then listen to what they say and you won't have an issue.
  8. Anything clint eastwood related is a must
  9. fuck you for quoting me, imma expose you
  10. ah yes jb clips are my favourite I laugh so hard it brings tears to my eyes do better retards
  11. people voting for 1 are below the average iq
  12. Y'all obviously ain't seen the original smh, this is mid