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  2. I’m currently writing this from my phone but I suggest buying Left 4 Dead 2 NOW because it’s only 2 dollars till September 28th!!!! We might do more L4D2 events in the future so get it now! apologies if the link does not work stupid phone
  3. What is your in-game name? Steven What is your age? 19 What is your Steam ID? STEAM_0:0:208913893 Have you been a Steam-Gamers admin before? Yes Have you been banned before in SG? No If yes, please explain more about the ban(s). How many hours do you have in Squad? 1 What is your experience with Squad? Not much but I have a lot of past experience when it comes to Arma 3 and DayZ so I'm fairly familiar with the game style/ What has interested you in becoming a Server Admin? I know we are trying to get the server to become larger and It's only Day 1 with a nearly full server. Plus since I plan on getting back into games like squad I'll be spending a lot of time on the server so why not apply.
  4. wake me up when it's september 23rd!
  5. You guys just think you're hilarious don't you? @Reid99
  6. YEAH YOU'RE FUNNY HA HA..... Congrats to everyone else! I expect to see a lot from you guys!
  7. Personally I never spent a lot of time on ze but the few occasions I did you were always there making the servers fun. You did an absolute shit ton of work man and you'll def be remembered that's for sure. If ze some how continues to thrive and you have any free time we will always welcome you back. stay safe man and o7
  8. That McD's Sprite be hitting different yo, that shit spicy
  9. This suggestion is more something to be added than fixed really, but I've been looking around other communities trying to gain some inspiration on what they do and what we can do to better the forums. But I noticed one community has a subforum section called "Orphaned Maps Repository" where essentially it's a section for maps that have been abandoned by other members of their community and it's a place where they could take the files for their maps to upload and someone else who either is trying to get into mapping but doesn't know where to start or someone who has a passion for it and won't hesitate to take up the project to finish it on their own. I think it's a pretty cool idea and something like it might be used by members of our community because I know a lot of members who actively build maps that would happily take up the task to finish some maps made by other members.
  10. wont catch me voting for chad thats for sure
  11. personally not my style of music but it still sounded great and i know some people who’ll love it so i’ll definitely be recommending it to them