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Tf2 Competitive Tournament

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TF2's competitive 6v6 over either koth(King of the Hill) maps, payload(objective push a cart throughout the maps to final cap) and 5 cp(5 control points that can be shifted into the hands of the different teams.The payload maps would feature a 9v9 because of the size and scale of the maps.I have no experience in setting up a tf2 server to be honest.I think this would be fun for everyone and could be streamed on discord by a spectator to allow everyone to watch and this would probably be needed to be on one weekend due to school/virtual school with each team having a game at a specific time.Each team would have either a discord call on the SG discord or use the in game voice chat for communication throughout the game.It would have to be a decision between the 9v9 payload or 6v6 5cp and koth.I personally believe we should do 9v9 which would include more people allowed to play.This game is also free and is available to everyone.



Here is a basic guide to the format:

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