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  1. Yo I cut you ONE PIECE of apple pie you want it?

  2. Alright @TrazzI swear I’m winning this one
  3. the baconator

    Points Reset

    Yo I’m top 5... bit late to this but whatever, even though it’s pretty much already been decided that the points are gonna be reset I just wanna say that I think it would be really fun. I remember grinding to get top places before the last point reset and after. It gave me a reason to sit on the server as long as I did at times, While I can’t speak for everyone I would love if the points were reset so I could get on retakes and grind again instead of just using it as warmup.
  4. Quite literally watched 36 episodes of one piece today thoughts? 

    1. rygor


      monkey d. luufy

  5. mfs be watching one piece and saying can I get just ONE more PIECE of cake because I am fat

  6. Yo rygor?!?!?!?!?!

  7. I was looking forward to playing on the reg team but I realized I'm actually a admin.
  8. Yo retakes?!?!?

    1. dolo


      nolan wants to play retakes with me cause i am so good and swag?????!

    2. the baconator

      the baconator

      Yeah man!!! I’ve heard the stories and legends!

    3. dolo


      lmao i cant run over 50 frames my guy