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  1. Sick event can't wait!!!
  2. Really successful event had 30+ people for most of the event. Huge thanks to everyone who showed up!!!! Fuck you @dafty @AfterPot and @AIex
  3. Thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the banner We're back with another TTT unlocked event! The event isn't going to be any different from last time, we're going to expand the detective and traitor menu to add some new items that are currently being tested such as the decoy tp, and of course adding back some old ones too! Like our favorite random teleporter! Where: Trouble in Terrorist Town - When: Saturday, September 18th @ 5 PM EST Maps: TTT_TuckFrazz TTT_highrise_mw2_sgfix TTT_skyscraper_2017_sg5 TTT_community_bowling_csgo_v3 If you want to hang out during the event join our discord!
  4. idrk who you are nor do I care. stop posting random shit. got it? cool.

    1. Vintage


      A few tips for your future? Maybe stop acting like some weird social reject who can't recognize what's acceptable and whats not. Maybe don't call people pedos (its not funny). Maybe don't choose to bug the fuck out of community leaders who have more important things to worry about.

    2. the baconator

      the baconator

      Unfortunately, you chose to avoid accepting any sort of responsibility for your actions and simply think that my ego was hurt and that I needed you...some insignificant random useless internet build me up. No dude, we were trolling you.

    3. Vintage


      it'd be cool if you could actually post your opinion on it or at least remotely explain your "hot take" instead of just posting random out of context shit that seems like it's directly pulled from a quick google search without even a basic understanding of what you're actually posting.

  5. Don't sweat on ct and just chill and have fun!
  6. Going to end the event early because the Juggernaut wasn't set up properly! Thanks to everyone who showed up anyway.
  7. You record them and make a player complaint. If they were actively breaking the rules, they will get punished. You can also call admin and hope one can get on and help with the situation.
  8. haha it's fun when my favorite regular @Hypnois on ttt!
  9. Traitors will get 400 HP and will be able to buy Juggernaut Armor from the T menu. Since Ts will have a great advantage over everyone else, we’ve decreased the amount of Traitors there are in the round. Also, during the event we will be playing some of the most popular maps on the server right now. Where When Saturday, August 28th @ 5:00 PM EST Maps ttt_community_pool_2017_v1_7 ttt_community_bowling_csgo_v3 ttt_skyscraper_2017_sg5 ttt_closequarters Thanks to @Tyymunk for the banner!