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  1. Winter is only good until Christmas. Obviously fall because it's the best time of the year in sports
  2. I like watching some goosebumps during Halloween I also enjoy replaying the first luigi's mansion too
  3. Yeah, this whole account stealing thing is getting out of hand. Recently a really close friend of mine @A Decently Paid Janitor got his account hacked. As you can see from the photo he tried sending me an invite to this discord server saying they pay money and stuff it's obviously fake this is some really sad and pathetic stuff.
  4. I'll play game 2! @kabLe I don't play the game can I be on your team to destroy strayyz?
  5. Why do you scope in so often? is it muscle memory??
  6. I know the servers are boring without me! Just ask and I'll get on bro!