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  1. I'll play game 2! @kabLe I don't play the game can I be on your team to destroy strayyz?
  2. I know the servers are boring without me! Just ask and I'll get on bro!
  3. Successful event, thanks to everyone who showed up!!!
  4. Thanks @Valkfor the banner Title pretty much says it all during this event were going to be playing 4 different and new maps during the event! and voting on whether or not we want to add the map to the server. All you have to do to vote is be on the server during the event and we'll be voting at the end of each map. Maps: ttt_among_us_skeld_v1 ttt_kaer_morhen_v1 ttt_library_ego ttt_treetops_mc_b2 When: Saturday, February 5th @ 6:00 PM EST Where: If you wanna hang out during the event come and join the discord!
  5. Sadly I was still asleep and couldn't make the event so @20 scrolls and I couldn't take a dub
  6. Guess its time to reinstall the game Evergarden#balls game 1