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  1. Game 1 or 2 I just wanna play 1 @Arctic wolf
  2. hey buddy

    1. Chad



  3. You’re so sussy, Plusle is a doggo pokemon Minum is better

    1. the baconator

      the baconator

      Ok buddy Minum has blue.

    2. Jmc


      yeah, and plusle is red!

  4. Fucking retard

  5. You’re an admin?

    1. A Decently Paid Janitor

      A Decently Paid Janitor

      Yea man congrats on SM of retakes!

    2. the baconator

      the baconator

      Thanks bro!

  6. @Cretenare you proud of me? I'll be looking forward to that cookie man.
  7. Couldn't have said it better my friend.
  8. I would play 1v1 more often if people actually got on. I think the problem is that there's already so many more servers out which always have a good amount of people on them, we're just one of those many many servers out there that just have a constant zero. Another big problem for me at least is the amount of cheaters due to the server being non prime. I haven't got on in a while but I used to always get on and there would be some random level 1 account just testing there cheats out and blatantly aimlocking and walling.
  9. yooooooooo

    1. the baconator

      the baconator


  10. Omg! I love Majo no Tabitabi!

  11. Sometimes ill hop on different retakes servers and the odd one might have some of these cosmetics, but I don't think it would work unless there was a way to turn it off. Personally I would hate having bullet tracers in my face not being able to see anything. But like hawks said, the paintball shots could work as they don't really change anything.