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[7DoQ] The Hidden Source + Raffle Submission!

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Thursday, April 2nd @ 6:00pm EST


How Do I Join?

Simply connect to Teamspeak and then join the server listed below. The Events Team member in charge will take care of it from there. You also need to install the game. You can download it here.


How Do I Play?

At the beginning of a new round, a player is chosen to play as The Hidden. He is an invisible man who is on the run from the... I.R.I.S. an elite task force charged with stopping The Hidden before he could escape. The Hidden is armed with a knife and he has the ability to see heat signatures. If you are playing as I.R.I.S., you have the ability to customize your character with different guns and equipment.


How Do I Earn a Raffle Ticket?

All you have to do is take a screenshot and then post it in this thread AFTER the event is over. You will earn one raffle point for doing so. Check the 7 Days of Quarantine! thread for more info. Once we hit the donation goal, more games will be unlocked.


Where is this event going to be hosted?

This event will be hosted in our Teamspeak in the Events Channel and the chosen server.


Teamspeak Server: ts.steam-gamers.net

Server IP -



While you are here, you might as well join our steam group!


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