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So something I thought of for a little bit now is that we should allow people to use the TeamSpeak without having an associated forum account. I see no real reason to have people required to have a forum account just to talk in our TeamSpeak. Back when I was CA, there were quite a few people who joined the TeamSpeak and left because they didn't want to make a forum account. Those are potential players on our servers and maybe even future potential forum members. The problem with forcing people to make a forums account before gaining access to anything outside of welcome committee is that many people don't want to make a forum account simply just to access more channels in a TeamSpeak when they could go to a TeamSpeak server with looser requirements or a Discord where they can just go and chill without needing to do anything extra.


If we allow people to join our TeamSpeak and interact with the rest of the people without the wall of needing a forum account, they may willingly make a forum account if they don't feel pressured to make one simply to just interact with people. I know we intend to try and make a switch to Discord, but until then I think this would be a good change to make and would be a good policy to keep if the switch to Discord doesn't go over well. Making this thread for reference as this is something I intend to bring up at the ongoing community meeting.


Edit: I suggest making a guest rank that allows them to join gaming chats, general chats, etc. Forgot to mention that crucial piece, lol.

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The entire point of requiring people to register on the forums in order to use all of teamspeaks features is to drive people to the forums. What you're asking for is akin to letting people have sub for free just because they cant be asked to login to paypal.

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