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I want to overclock.

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recently bought some mega CPU heatsink cooler, thought it would be safe enough at a nice tempereture to do some overclocking on my system.


only thing is, i don't really know how...


some basic info:


CPU: E4300 Dual Core2 1.8 Ghz


HDD: 320 GB

OS : Windows Vista Genuine Home Premium x32

GC: 8500 GT 512 MB


system tempreture:


CPU: 30 °C (86 °F)

HDD: 36 °C (97 °F)


anyone care to help me out? point me in the right direction..



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Head up, this is all coming from a newb overclocker. You can use google as an alternative.


Well you can use the original overclocking app available at http://www.nvidia.com/object/nvidia_system_tools_6.02.html. Just make sure you monitor the temperature. and it doesn't get too hot. Or you can use Riva Tuner as an alternative.


To overclock it you just have to find the settings for your gpu when you are using one of the apps and edit them, preferrably make them higher. J

ust make sure that the Core Clock and the Memory Clock does not go higher than the Shader Clock. And make sure that the Memory Clock does not go higher than the Core Clock.


The only problem with overclocking a gpu like that is that it will frequently crash a lot more than usual. I've had first had experience with my 8600GT with it black screening if things get too hectic.


BTW here's a ss of my overclock app.amw8ko.jpg

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nice, thanks..i tried that river bs and it seemed really confusing so i closed the program, but I'll give this a go.


what's the highest i should let the tempreture get?


i would also like to OC my CPU aswell as my Graphics card, so if anyones got help with that it would be appreciated.




EDIT: OC'd Core to 600 and Memory to 500 but theres no shader?


going to monitor the temp..

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Before over clocking, make sure your motherboard can take it....or you could destroy it.


pffft i've got a cheapy asus P5LD2 and i'm running a E6300 1.86ghz at 425fsb for 3ghz and 1700fsb...


For overclocking the cpu there are several things you wanna be cautious of, one is cpu voltage, setting that too high can destroy your processor, memory speed is number two, its good to set this as low as possible for the purposes of trying to find the max overclock you can manage out of the processor (you can loosen the timings aswell)


so when you start overclocking you're going to want to set the memory speed as low as possible, then loosen the timings, take the cpu voltage off automatic and put it at the STOCK voltage for the cpu(find it out beforehand) turn off intel speedstep and any automatic idle controls etc.


Then I normally start with just adjusting the cpu fsb up until it won't boot, so I start at stock(266?) and i'd go to say 290 and reboot if it boots up hit the bios again and got to maybe 310 reboot if it boots do the same and repeat until you restart and it doesnt post(black screen text not appearing like usual) at this point I back it down maybe 10mhz and try to post again if it posts try going up 5mhz if it doesnt try going down another 10, and just fine tune it like that.


then set it back to stock and give us what ya get :001_tt2:


edit: no newegg doesn't ship to the uk

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what program would i use to set the voltage/fsb? or would i be doing this using the BIOS?


another thing, if i up it so much that it wont boot, how would i be able to actually change it if it wont boot?

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