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GTA Manhunt Event

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Heyo, the last couple of days we have been playing Manhunt in GTA and it's been loads of fun. I think it would be fun to get a massive event going where it's either a full lobby in free roam or a session where it's an actual map that's pre-setup. I should note that this game is based entirely on trust, and I ask that if this becomes an event and you participate, you remain honest and don't spoil this for yourself and others.





  • Civilian vehicles that can be naturally found only. This includes helicopters/airplanes at the airport and police vehicles if you get the cops on you.
  • Players are confined to the area that is pre-determined by the players or whoever is the "leader" of the game. We've been doing from the hills to the airport, or smaller than that depending on the number of people.
  • Player nicknames above their head must be turned off.
  • Your minimap must be turned off, but your HUD may remain on.
  • The seeker who kills the hider has first dibs on being the next hider but may allow someone else to hide if they choose.



  • Must act like a civilian as much as possible.
  • You are given 2 minutes to hide around the map, during this time you can do whatever you need to get into a position where you can hide in plain sight.
  • You are allowed to use an SMG to kill a seeker if you notice they are near you.
  • If you are killed by a seeker, you lose and the round is over.


  • You can not use personal vehicles and must find a vehicle on the street/at the airport.
  • You can not leave a designated area until the hider's 2 minutes to hide have elapsed.
  • You ARE allowed to work with other seekers, but the kill is first come, first serve.
  • You are only allowed to kill a hider if you notice they are not behaving as an AI should, or something is off about their vehicle (headlights off at night, banged-up vehicle, not behaving correctly around police, etc.)
  • You may only kill a hider with a bullet-shooting pistol. This bans the Atomizer.


I don't think I missed anything here, but if I did please point it out and I'll add it to the list. If allowed, I'd also be happy to host this event, but as I'm not on the events team I don't know if I am allowed.

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