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Fable 2

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The game releases next week and I'm seeing how many people from SG are getting it?


What is fable 2 you ask? Fable II is an upcoming role playing video game for the Xbox 360, developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is a sequel to Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.


Announced in 2006, the game will take place in the fictional world of Albion, 500 years after Fable's setting, in a colonial era resembling the time of highwaymen or the Enlightenment; guns are still primitive, and large castles and cities have developed in the place of towns.[4] Unlike the original, the player may choose to be either male or female.


Lead designer Peter Molyneux has played a major role in presenting this game to the public, as he did in the lead up to the release of the original Fable.


The game reached gold master status on September 22, 2008.[5]


Also, this game will be one of the best Best RP games ever, and! It will have Co-op! Offline and online!


So, for anyone who is planning on getting it. Please post here with your gamertag and we'll play one day!

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I'll probably get it a month after it comes out, when it's not out of stock, and when it's cheaper :) I'm still hooked onto oblivion though lol. Still a lot of things you can do on that game. And I ain't giving you my gamer tag you raper.

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Andre, but... Can you have sex in Oblivion? Can you fuckin eat pies in Oblivion? Can you have 100 wifes? No, now gtfo...


Buttt, Andre, let me know when you get it, We'll play!


I want to make a joke about this but I can't without being mean..but srsly?

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I don't trust Peter anymore after the incredible amount of crap he spewed about Fable 1 before it was released. The guy literally made a public apology about it.


Fable was an okay game, nowhere near anything Peter promised and I didn't feel compelled to play it twice. The best part about the original was when you had to spell the tree's name and you could spell S.H.I.T. out of the letters, and when you did it spawned baddies around you. I was laughing my ass off.

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I want to make a joke about this but I can't without being mean..but srsly?


Obez can't do any of that in real life apparently. Sex and pie is foreign to him, and is something he can only experience virtually it would seem.


But not pie sex. :partydance:


Seriously though, I remember like 4 years ago how Fable was supposed to be the best game ever and how people would be playing it forever. We all saw how that turned out (hint: nobody is playing it anymore). Sequel seems to be more of the same.

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