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Events Recap 7/21/2020

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Events Recap




Time for another feedback thread! We're looking for your feedback on the events we've hosted in the last two weeks. Below are all the events we've had in the last two weeks.


Server Events


TTT Juggernaut Event

TTT ScoutzKnivez Event


General Events


Valorant Scrim Event

We ask that you provide feedback for any of the listed events you attended. Let us know what we did right and what can be improved upon. Please keep all comments constructive, on-topic, and respectful. All feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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The Valorant Scrim Event was pretty sloppy. After watching the VOD on twitch, I was pretty disappointed. The first game was heavily off schedule but that can slide. The casters also didn't know if the game was live until the first round was over. I feel like if you are going to cast a game, at least be somewhat knowledgable of it. Some moments showed that but others felt like it was the first time they heard of the game. The first game was streamed but then the second game wasn't even though the players that were in the second game had played it. But of course, this is the first time, and even then for a new game. Most hiccups in the stream were because of how buggy Valorant's spectator system is and yet again as I have said, it's probably not the best idea to stream until some big changes are made. However, the idea of a scrim event for Valorant is still appealing and will definitely grab some people's attention. Most of my concerns are for the stream anyway, not the actual idea.

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