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  1. Good luck man, get that 1600 and apply for all the ivy's.
  2. codez

    Scrim Mega-Mashup Week

    This event was inspired by Warowl
  3. It seems like TheVirus got the best of him.
  4. I’d rather vote for a campaigner than a furry.
  5. Props to everyone who worked on the map and tested it. If this does not get accepted into the map pool I'm gonna cry.
  6. Put me in as a sub I already have you added.
  7. Thanks man ❤️
  8. I really want to partake in the event, but I don’t know if I would be available to play by then. I don’t want to reserve a spot and then end up no-showing.
  9. Thanks for the event Mercedes-Benz. I’d like to play as a sub codez #2248
  10. It says Wesker right there are you blind
  11. The build looks pretty good to me. You should look towards better timings for RAM. 18 doesn't do much with 3600 speed. 16 is what you should be looking for. That would be more expensive but not bank-breaking. I would personally get 2 drives: an ssd/nvme for main programs/apps and a hard drive for mass storage, but if one nvme drive of 1tb storage is enough for you, go for it. You don't need an after-market cooler unless you plan on overclocking. The stock is perfectly fine for general use. You said you wanted to build this "right now", but the 30 series nvidia GPU's are launching in about a month. That means 20 series cards will drop in price. That also means there will be new cards that might have better value than the 2070 super. I would recommend waiting until then, unless you are in a hurry and extremely eager to get this built "right now". Buyer's remorse is the worst.
  12. If you were to partake in this event, which team would you be on?
  13. Is locker room that small or is it just perspective?