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  1. keep talking kid lamar is gonna tear an ACL

    1. Chad


      thats FUCKED up

  2. 4-13

  3. MG was the gamemode that got me playing community servers 6 years ago srry TTT love you
  4. From what I heard people were experiencing the entire screen turning black.
  5. Are you not able to bind it? I thought there was a way to bind purchasing items to a key, at least a long time ago I thought there was.
  6. Current management and staff will probably give you a more accurate update of this, but when I was manager and brought it up I was told something like this was being made (I think maybe for all servers too). Not sure what happened to it, I imagine people stopped working on it or forgot about it given how long it has been since this suggestion was made. Doubt it would be hard to churn this out if Creten or Trazz plan on adding it.
  7. Kieran

    JB To The Moon

    This is great progress, good work team!
  8. This was a constant discussion throughout my tenure as a manager of the server. Our goal of the last karma contest was to see how players felt about uncapped karma. I'm not sure what the current manager plan is for karma, but I think it should be returned to some sort of uncapped system. We always talked about what karma should be - a punishment system meant to deter players from breaking rules and playing carelessly - but in actuality I think it made more a difference as a leaderboard. Most regulars didn't give a shit about karma once uncapped was ditched. I think the rules and moderation on the server are strong enough where the focus of karma can be shifted to some sort of leaderboard system, or at the very least just a stat to flex how good you are at the game.
  9. Thanks for all the work you did for the events team, enjoy the retirement!

  10. I found out today I have plans and that I'm going to miss it . I'll have to watch it on my own. My money is on Godzilla and Kong becoming lovers.
  11. Kieran


    no guys seriously its been 15 minutes... please change it back...
  12. Kieran


    hahaha guys... its past midnight... you can change it back now... ...right guys? ... you're going to change it back, right?
  13. yo did u hear what joe said about u

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    2. Kieran


      after further consideration i apologize...

    3. Kieran


      ...for not giving a flip!!!!!!!

    4. John


      fuck off