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  1. Congrats to the winners of the karma contest! 1st place: @nate1111 2nd place: @Mark Rober 3rd place: @Never_Mind You guys will be receiving your prizes soon. Nate1111, reach out to me when you find a CSGO player model you want. If you are having trouble, reach out to me and I'll show you some places you can find them. Thanks for everyone for participating in this event. The map rotation is back to normal, and we'll have some new models for you guys soon.
  2. The winners will be announced tomorrow! Keep grinding karma!
  3. I'm pretty in favor of this. There's been a noticeable issue with staff quality for a while now. What a lot of people don't realize is there are quite a few other communities who have designated teams/individuals which handle admin applications. This change isn't anything crazy. Interested to see how things turn out.
  4. 1/9/2021 Revised our definition and FAQ sections in our rules to provide more clarification on what is considered association. Association is now defined as the following: The "known" traitor has to be committing a traitorous act for the suspected traitor to be killed off association. You can't kill someone for being with a KOSed player, because KOSes aren't really universal and cause issues. The FAQ for association has also been updated for this definition, which you can find in the FAQ of our rules thread. Added ttt_sg_zlounge.
  5. Thanks for everyone who attended these events throughout the week
  6. Thanks to @williamc_d @thuxys @euro @Nate. and @crazedkangaroo for the monstrosity you are currently looking at. SteamGamers Holiday Week Happy holidays everyone! In celebration of the holidays, we got a week of events for you guys to enjoy. Hope to see everyone there! When December 26th @ 8PM EST - Minecraft Bedwars December 27th @ 8PM EST - Jackbox Night December 28th @ 8PM EST - December 29th @ 8PM EST - Golf With Your Friends December 30th @ 8PM EST - Among Us (Proximity VC) December 31st @ 8PM EST - Kahoot January 1st @ 8PM EST - Christmas Movie Night Where Events channel in the SG Discord, click the icon below to join!
  7. Thanks @crazedkangaroo for the banner! Trouble in Christmas Town It's time for another karma contest, just in time for the holidays! Once again, this will be an uncapped karma contest and will last a month. You do not need screenshots, but you will need a forum account to claim any prizes. Our server will also receive a Christmas/holiday makeover for this contest, including some holiday themed maps and models! When? December 21st 2020 - January 21st 2021 Where? Prizes 1st place: 1 month of Elite Supporter, 5000 credits, and a personal model! Model will not be custom made, so look for a model that is already ported to CSGO. 2nd place: 1 month of Premium Supporter and 5000 credits! 3rd place: 1 month of Basic Supporter and 5000 credits! Maps ttt_closequarters_xmas de_dolls_csgo_xmas ttt_highschool_v1_sgxmas ttt_sg_winterfrost_festive Public Models Santa (All) - 12k credits Basic Supporter Models Grinch Red/Blue (T/CT) - 12k credits Premium Supporter Models Natalie (T) - 12k credits Sophia (CT) - 12k credits Elite Supporter Models Jack Frost (All) - 12k credits Models are not permanent and only available for the duration of the event.
  8. Kieran

    Dead voicechat

    I have gone ahead and added a customizable dead chat plugin for the server. This should no longer be a problem.
  9. Kieran

    Retakes Changelog

    12/17/2020 Added Deadtalk plugin. This plugin allows for players to toggle deadtalk on and off. If a player has deadtalk enabled, when they die, they'll have 5 seconds to talk to their alive teammates in order to give callouts. After 5 seconds deadtalk will activate. The player will no longer be able to talk to their alive teammates (but still can hear them) and can talk to all dead players. If a player has deadtalk disabled, they'll only be able to talk to their teammates. To enable/disable deadtalk, type !dt or !deadt in chat followed by a 1 or 0. 1 will enable deadtalk, and 0 will disable it. To view your current deadtalk setting, you can either type just !dt or !deadtalk in chat. -- Removed CT church spawn on de_inferno for site B. It was too broken.
  10. Kieran

    Points Reset

    Retakes don't got no models. Any prizes should really be aimed for that server's audience.
  11. Kieran

    Points Reset

    I plan on redoing the rank system with a new plugin to be a bit more enjoyable. When that happens, the ranks will be reset because it will be an entirely new system. As for scheduled resets, I messed around the idea with having 3 month seasons until resets like some other retakes servers. It's kinda iffy though. While you might get some people on for the prizes, you'd need the prizes to be really good, and you're essentially wiping away the stats of players over the last couple months. That might bother some regulars.
  12. Kieran

    Dead voicechat

    I have a plugin I can add that should fix this. It'll pretty much be like ESEA, where you have time to call out to your teammates before you're put into dead chat where you can talk to all dead players.
  13. Just gonna mention it's clearly been a while since we had an MGT which is my fault. We're looking to revive the whole MGT tradition starting with this month.
  14. 12/16/2020 A few map fixes for today (thanks @20 scrolls for the fixes). Replaced ttt_desperados_sg_v4 with ttt_desperados_sg_v6 (fixed clipping, fps, and spawn issues). Replaced ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v9 with ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v10 (fixed T room doors being opened before round start). In addition to those map fixes, Added a plugin which resolved grenade issues when thrown onto unbreakable func_breakable entities. This should prevent grenades from infinitely getting stuck on certain surfaces and making obnoxiously loud noises.
  15. Kieran

    Retakes Changelog

    12/16/2020 Adjusted retakes ratio constant so when there are 8 players playing, it will be a 5v3 in favor of CTs instead of a 4v4.