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  1. i want u to not exist

    1. Chad


      you want to go offline? (turning your pc off)

  2. This is a no-brainer move and I don't know why people are mad. There is a reason why the server has a password in the first place. It's a luxury server for community members to enjoy, not a server meant to pull in outside players that apparently now end up being trolls or toxic.
  3. Oh my god systemic swag!

  4. I was always worried as manager of taking the innocent menu too far. However, I think there are surely are some items that can be added to make innocent less of a snoozefest and give people more of an exciting way to protect themselves. In terms of the server itself, since population concerns were brought up, I'm going to disagree with a few people here and say it's time to see bigger, more radical changes. I don't think balancing the metas or adding an item here or there will do much to boost server population; I rarely found success doing so as manager. One of my bigger regrets as EM was falling back on 1st/2nd/3rd place events because they're really ineffective at getting solid population boosts and only seem to get a few people to no-life the server for the event. Seeding has pretty much failed at providing long term population sustainability on many of our CS servers. The last time I recall any noticeable traction the server got was with the plugin switch, and even then it obviously faded over time. I'm not sure what the server needs but I think it should be something fundamental. Maybe drastic role or game mechanic changes. Even a switch to a different game like Gmod could be discussed. This might even be something to reflect on as a community entirely. My opinion can be taken with a grain of salt because I haven't played in ages, and I'm sure some of these conversations are already being had extensively at a higher up level. No one really is to blame here, I think gaming interests are just evolving so the servers need to adapt with these changing times and try something new to stand out. I don't think vanilla TTT and some of our other gamemodes provide the same magic anymore, especially on CS:GO. Stuff just gets stale with time. Minigames used to be a CS community server staple and now it's dead. This is all coming from someone who often argued on the side of keeping TTT authentic; I just don't think it will find much success anymore. EDIT: I'm glad you guys are opening up the room to talk about general population ideas. I'm sure you guys are working your tails off and I know how exhausting some of this manager stuff can be. Kudos to you guys.
  5. yo momma got that juicy butt!

  6. keep talking kid lamar is gonna tear an ACL

    1. Chad


      thats FUCKED up

  7. MG was the gamemode that got me playing community servers 6 years ago srry TTT love you
  8. From what I heard people were experiencing the entire screen turning black.
  9. Are you not able to bind it? I thought there was a way to bind purchasing items to a key, at least a long time ago I thought there was.