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  1. It’s objectively a side view mirror who tf thought it was something else
  2. I’ll go with fall since it has football, pretty good weather, great holidays, and a ton of fun fall activities. There isn’t really a bad season for me.
  3. Almost no one in this community knows everything BDs do behind the scenes, so I’d much rather trust the owner of the community to assess the BDs and make the right decision than some regulars. As others said, this position shouldn’t become a popularity contest.
  4. Kieran

    A new look

    Yeah, I read over that reply, so I understand why you need to change. Is there no way you guys can change anything about this layout to better resemble how the forums are structured now?
  5. Kieran

    A new look

    I can maybe understand trying to improve the mobile layout (although I have no issue navigating it) but this just makes no sense to me. The current design is very sleek and modern, and is easily better than our competitors’ forums. This new layout, like everyone else said, just looks dated and harder to navigate. Why is there an ugly unnecessary glow effect on all those bars? I never had an issue navigating these forums and I don’t recall anyone else saying they’ve had an issue. EDIT: Just read @kabLe’s comment, so I now understand why you guys are changing in the first place, it is just unfortunate because it looks worse.
  6. Basically what jazzy is doing, I’m graduating this semester and will be pursuing some networking/sec certs right after
  7. Kieran


    This rule is an absolute nightmare, shame on whoever wrote it and whoever thought it was a good idea. This rule is vague, useless, and just opens plenty of opportunities for it to be exploited. What the hell does "being disruptive" to the community mean... that's incredibly vague and not helpful at all. What undesirable behavior that is considered trolling isn't already covered by the rules? Not being allowed to speaking badly about others? You mean, don't be disrespectful... already covered by the rules? I mean, the rule literally says not to the break rules, like come on, did anyone proof read this? In the announcement thread, BoM even mentioned Polarzz as the "prime example" of a disruptive member, I guess as a way to show why this rule was needed. Yet all of the listed "disruptive behaviors", such as making homophobic remarks and harassing others, were already prohibited by the rules. The whole mass banning yesterday didn't help clarify anything at all. I mean, in Caution's response yesterday he didn't explain how any of those guys were actually being disruptive yesterday. Nothing about the gif Scrolls posted, nothing about anything Creten said, nothing. He just said general stuff like "you guys were violating THIS rule" or "you guys are at this level about 80% of the time", how it wasn't "quite harassment" (so, they didn't break the rules?), and then talking about their previous "disruptive behaviors" (harassment, disrespect, spam pinging, leaking info, etc.) which are once again already prohibited by the rules. To me, this rule seems intentionally vague as a way for higher-ups to remove people they don't like out of the community without real explanation or reason. An opportunity for BDs and others to overreach and punish behavior that isn't covered by the rules. There's no protocols to enforce this rule or anything... BDs can just slap a "being disruptive" label on you, cite that thread, and you're gone. I'm not trying to defend the behavior of that group or others. They've broken actual rules, as I said previously. Maybe they deserved to be banned for their previous infractions. But you guys literally make the rules, so explicitly list the behaviors you don't want in your own community and enforce them. Make amendments to the list if you missed shit. Deal repeat offenders harsher punishments. This grey area "rule" littered with vague terminology makes no sense and will probably continue to be abused like it was yesterday.
  8. The purge is coming
  9. Shake shack is just as good as Five Guys but I don’t feel like literal ass after eating it, so it gets my vote.
  10. Sometimes I will listen to any kind of music when I go to bed (although I'm trying to stop). It's a bad habit of mine as I notice I get worse sleep when I do. I'm sure it's not good for my ears either.
  11. If you can describe where approximately they are, the Retakes SM can go into the server and locate and remove those spawns.
  12. People have the say in abortion, its called choosing to get one or not