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  1. Congrats to @Maniac for winning his group. In the event of a tie for 2nd place, both @Hawksand @urpalerpwill be advancing to the final round. Last semifinalist group, top 2 move on. Good luck! @Black Rain @Trazz @Creten @The Don @TheZZL
  2. There are reasons why a player might not openly share the identity of a traitor, hence why it is not listed as a traitorous act. I have no intentions of making this a rule for that reason.
  3. Congrats to @Reid99 and @BoM who are now our first finalists in this contest! Time for our second group, good luck! @Mace @urpalerp @WavY @Hawks @Maniac
  4. Congrats to @Trazz and @Black Rain for moving on! We also have 6 wildcards moving on instead of 5 since we lost one admin. So, congrats to @Hawks, @Mace, @BoM, @Maniac, @The Donand @urpalerp who will also move on to Round 3! Time for our first group of Round 3, same rules as last round. Top 2 move on to the final round. @Nolan @Reid99 @BoM @splayd @20 scrolls
  5. My only goal for this contest was to take down @Chad. I am happy.
  6. Congrats to @Creten and @splayd for advancing to Round 3! Time for our CA+ group, which consists of all the CAs and SMs still in the contest. You can only vote for one of these admins, the two who finished with the most votes move on. Good luck! @Reid99 @patrick @TheZZL @Hawks @Toasty @Charliere @Noxstar @Kopsta @Kieran @Gentoo
  7. Alright.. we're back. Before we get to the votes I'm going to remind you guys this is a friendly, meaningless contest. We're all here to show our support, joke around, and have a fun time. Make sure you understand where the line is drawn between joking around and legitimate disrespect. Don't break forum rules either. Lastly, if you feel like someone is harassing you, make sure you bring it to the right people (IAO+) and they'll handle it for you. Now, back to our admins for this round. You can only vote for one admin and the votes are private. Our CA and SM group will be tomorrow. Good luck! @splayd @Rygor @gween @Edmund @HAXOR @PHNX @Creten @Tagwrack @tides
  8. Really exciting promotions, congrats everyone. Thank you to all the CAs I've worked with over the last few months. It's been a pleasure managing you guys. You finally escaped.
  9. We'll look at making this happen soon.
  10. Kieran

    Time Travel Day 3

    My past self would save my present self because I'm not like the rest.
  11. Never got to know you too well, but it's very clear you busted your ass for this place. I have lots of respect for the work you put in and wish you nothing but the best.
  12. Thank you Steelers for the dub
  13. So there was a bit of miscommunication so I'm redoing this thread. For this round you can only pick one admin and the voters are private.. my bad. Time to begin Round 2, starting with our Junior Administrators. The two admins with the highest votes win the group and will move on. Good luck! @LzYoRHa @the baconator @Drago™ @Mace @Auto @The Don @Bowgun44