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Tricks you guys should know before you hit the forums!

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Alright, so I remember when I had first joined the forums I was in always in a need for asking questions such as how to make a spoiler or how to make something look like this * and others have had the same questions so I'm just gonna make a thread on the ones I know currently. Feel free to add anything that I missed or you think should be added.


So first I'm going to start off with Spoilers whenever you want a message to be less bulky so people don't have to scroll down, you can use a spoiler, the way you would use a spoiler is by typing "SPOILER inside of brackets which are []" and then type your message in the middle and once you're finished you can close it with "/SPOILER inside of brackets which are []" so it would look something like [ATTACH=CONFIG]21659[/ATTACH]






[ATTACH=CONFIG]21656[/ATTACH] So what's in the picture is what I would like to call the hot bar because it's like a shortcut for everything. So the B makes world bold like this the easier way is doing CTRL + B. The I is for italics which will look like this the easier way is doing CTRL + I. The U is for underline which looks like this the easier way of doing it is CTRL + U. The lines that are hugging the left side is called "Align Left" and this practically makes it so that your text messages will be on the left side every time you press Enter but they won't go too far to the right. The second one is called "Center" which centers your message. The last one is called "Align Right" which it Align's it to the right. The list that has 1-2-3 is for example every time you click Enter it will put a number in front of that message this is used mostly for asking questions. The second is bullets which the same concept as the first one but it puts • in front of your new message. The increase indent portion just makes the indent larger such as when you click Tab in a word document. To be honest with you I don't know what these 5 do [ATTACH=CONFIG]21657[/ATTACH] nor for the others. The paperclip at the top allows you to insert a file such as a picture or a video.




Next thing I'm going to move onto is the Signature Part! If you want to access your signature click the ?? at the top right and click Edit Signature or you can follow this thank you @Benzene for making this. The main thing I am going to be focusing on here is your Signature Picture which can be found here [ATTACH=CONFIG]21658[/ATTACH] you get to choose whatever picture you want and you can click Upload and then on the top right there will be a option to Insert Signature Picture which it will say something such as [sIGPIC] and then you click save signature and everytime you make a comment on somebody else's application or something else it will show your signature.



There is a bit more to be added that I honestly don't know so if anyone wants to add onto this or hell just make a new one because this one isn't the best go for it.


While you're here you should join the SG Discord


Also, if you're CA+ and want to edit my message to make it less complicated and want to fix my grammar in the process go for it.

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