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Map Suggestion

Full map name


Type of map


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Mapmakers Notes:
Obviously this map need noblock.
sv_airaccelerate around 150 is appreciated
sm_cvar phys_pushscale around 900
mp_weapons_allow_map_placed 1
sv_disable_immunity_alpha 1 or the dodge obstacles is almost impossible with lots of players, and a secret will be broken.
- Dodge Obstacles: Ts have to dodge obstacles.
- Strafe Climb: A short climb, but hard enough to satisfy kz players.
- Obstacle course: A nice race.
- Surprise Gift: Ts have to dodge different attacks, such as explosive barrels and lasers.
- Soccer: Every good map has a soccer.
Outside (down)
- Falling Log: Ts have to dodge the falling logs, the game is getting harder and harder.
- Shooting Range: Teleports 2 random Ts, the fastest to destroy targets win.
- The Dilemna: Ts have to choose between 2 choices, the smallest group lose HPs.
- Reflex Tester: Ts have to press their cube ONLY after that the middle one explode. The first one win.
- Karting: Ts have to drive their kart to the end!
Outside (upper)
- Laser Tree: Ts have to dodge various attacks from the tree.
- Easy BHOP: A simple bhop but with AUTO Bhop enable on each tile.
Vent opposite of "Dodge Obstacles" inside of the fenced-in area which lead to a vent underneath maincell stairs, which leads to a vent in armory.
In-Cell Secrets:
A useable mini-door in the NexusNation cell that leads to the room beside the cell
Smoke inside of the Steam-Gamers Cell
Flashbang in the EGO Cell
HE Grenade in the CLWO.EU Cell
The CLWO.EU Cell and its adjacent cell are connected
Vent in the Top-Left cell (next to the EGO cell) which leads to a sewer system, follow down the room straight and you can enter the vent above the barrels which leads you to the CT-Catwalks/Outside
- Turning left instead of going straight leads you to an elevator room with a Glock
Scout above maincell in the corner of the two walls
MP7 In the corner above Shooting Range
MP7 in the barrels above and behind the game banana sign
USP-S underneath the stairwell leading to Bhop/next to Soccer
HE Grenade behind the forklift at Obstacle Course
Glock inside the medic at maincell
MAG-7 And vents above armory accessible from the outside
Grabbing a C4 From either three locations (Inside the boxes of Soccer, on the roof of the CT-Catwalk above Special Deliver and Obstacle Course, or on the grass above Easy-Bhop) and dropping it inside the Elevator (accessible through following the vent in the top-right-back cell and turning left at the end of the sewers) grants a buff based off of where the C4 Came from
-Soccer grants partial invisibilty or 500Hp
-CT Catwalk grants 500Hp
-The Grass/Bhop grants speed
Galil behind the start button of "Laser Tree"
Deagle in the CT-Catwalk above Special Delivery and Obstacle Course
Final Notes:
I like the layout of the map, the spawn is small yet contains secrets for the Prisoners to bust out their cells. Guards have catwalks and advantage points to help them overcome the challenge, and the map contains unique deathgames and secrets. I believe this is a good map to add to our servers.

Screenshots attached

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I can say for a fact our player base would not enjoy this map. Not too many secrets and it's extremely huge for no reason. It's a great map (for the most part) but it won't be a good addition.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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