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  1. This thread has been unlocked and bumped for more discussion.
  2. Hello everyone! With the lack of new events for Jailbreak, I've decided to make this thread for everyone to post their suggestions. You can post as many suggestions as you want, but please be serious with them. We will consider all event suggestions. Please copy and paste this format and fill out the information! Event Name: Description: Length:
  3. I updated our agenda yesterday with a topic regarding LR additions. This one was going to be the primary example. Stay tuned
  4. 9/20/20 We have removed the "No Warden" part and re-added "Gangs". Back to:
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  6. Wasn't a ZE player, but I always noticed the work you put in along with @Bright. You two were fantastic managers and I'm sad to you see you both go. I already said my goodbyes to you in DMs, but again, I hope you stay safe and healthy man!
  7. Batman stays! Nobody ever used it so this event gives people a good reason to equip it.
  8. It's just like am_loot but with some small differences. I'm going to just keep the regular one. Thanks for the suggestion though. ;)
  9. The time and date has been updated!
  10. As of now, I'm leaning towards this: Time - 7:30 PM EST Date: Wednesday (9/23/20) Does this work for us?