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  1. Slipstream Fight'N Rage Thanks BoM!!
  2. just had a nice dinner with your mother 🙏

  3. i want u to not exist

    1. Chad


      you want to go offline? (turning your pc off)

  4. you smell like ass

  5. no one loves you 

  6. yo momma got that juicy butt!

  7. On a serious note, I agree with AfterBot. The regulars on TTT now-a-days aren't exactly the most fun to play with. They are nice and all that, but I personally don't go on TTT to actively play the game mode and sweat my ass off. I join to have laughs with other people and to mess around. Sure, more updates and changelogs would be nice, but as a community we need to actively try and seed the server and gather some of the people that make it fun. I know that shouldn't be the case, but until we can get something going, it might be one of the only ways. Once that can be some-what stable we can hopefully get more active regulars.
  8. I just piped your mother

  9. Nate.

    any luck finding a g irlfriend and a job and a life and a friend and a family yet?

    1. Chad


      Yes! my girlfriend is your mother, my job is to make love with her, she is my friend, and we already have a child!