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  2. Definitely didnt see that... ;(
  3. - Terrorist, Innocent or detective shop items: Like others have stated, clean out all the shit nobody uses and move the most popular items to the first page, starting the menu with the most used items. 1. Kelvar + Helm 2. Healthshot, etc. - Pacing of rounds: Keep it like what it is or shorter. Nobody wants to die in the beginning in the round and wait multiple minutes because there's an inno camping behind a bush. - Map Changes: Keep all the favorite maps and rarely add maps. Any map that is officially added to the server should be tested by at least 4-5 people. Sms, CAs, admins, even trusted regs should be able to test them and give their opinions. - Rule Changes: This is probably the most conflicting one. Keep the rules simplistic and allow admin discretion for some of the extreme cases. T-baiting should never be allowed. Look back at the rules when TTT was at its highest and compare the rules. - Karma System: Pretty useless in today's gameplay. Used to be fun to get as highest as you can but it got changed to help RDMers. Unsure how effective it was. Consider making it so the higher you go the more karma you lose. - Models: The least of the concern. Cycle them every month or two and change temporary for events. - Events: Obviously keep trying to run the most popular ones but you can't rely on events to get you pop. - General Suggestions: Upload changes quicker.
  4. Looking at Sully's "notes" I wanted to point out some things and ask a few questions regarding the server projects. I did not attend this meeting so I don't know what was specifically said about the following topics. Plus, nobody posted detailed notes on the current projects. SCP: There has been almost no effort in seeding for this game. The last time there was an event was 7/16, exactly 3 months since writing this post... why are we saying this is a current project? Do we have events lined up? Any changelogs? It's been a common theme to create servers for these games just for us to stop pushing it shortly after. Before I stepped down I remember something being talked about (won't spoil the specifics) but there needs to be some excitement built up. Post a thread with a hint towards something and title the date? Post a thread with some details/photos of what's to come? Gmod TTT: Cool, another game we can expand into. Can we get some details as to when it will be ready? Do we have events lined up for this? I've read what Acer said above and I hope that isn't the case when it comes to these server events. 1v1: I'm sorry but I still don't understand the reason for trying this server again. We have a couple of people wanting this server to come back but I have seen zero push from them or anyone to get it up besides one thread. I mean, we literally don't have the numbers to consistently seed this server. The big named communities who have 1v1 servers are able to keep them alive because they have such a large community that they are able to maintain 15-30+ people pretty consistently. I would say that I don't want to sound like a "negative nancy" but for this server I am. It will just be a waste of energy and resources, however little either are. Minecraft: See, I think this server has potential. Here are the problems that need to be fixed to keep this server healthy and afloat: Keep EVERYONE in check, find ways to advertise the server OUTSIDE of SG, and make purchasable cosmetics/items available. I'll break each one down separately. (1) I really don't care who they are, what rank they are, or how long they've been here... if someone is caught cheating ban them immediately. Are two people causing headaches for other players? Slap the back of their heads and give them a stern warning. The pixelmon server was fun but when you have people griefing, using wall hacks, and/or just being toxic in one way or another it really kills the vibe. If we are able to get new players from this server they need to know that we don't have favoritism. (2) We all know Minecraft is one of the biggest games ever. There are always players looking for new servers and a community to play in. So, we need to find ways to advertise the server. Obviously it starts with us as the players by sharing it with our friends and other discords. I'll leave the advertisement to yall because you will know what websites/methods are best/allowed. (3) Longevity. If people spend money on items in the game there is a good chance they will continue playing on the server longer then other players. I unfortunately don't know what type the server is going to be (Skyblock, factions, modded, etc) but there are tons of things you could add. For some reason I think you have to talk to Mojang/Microsoft (whoever bought Mojang) and agree to something in order to sell stuff but that shouldn't be hard if that's the case. If not, then yea.... Also, is there anything you can share about the server? Like what the type is going to be, when it will be ready, etc? If you already did then my bad lmao. @Acer
  5. Still remembering you :usa2:

    1. Chad


      who dis

    2. FunnySentry


      A TTT pal known as waisen. But if you don't remember its fine, haven't been in the servers for a hot minute

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      oh HELL no

  6. Less than 10 is not " a lot." Doing an MGT is not going to give you any results on what the server will look like long term. Maybe some days here and there but the interest will die out fast like it did in the past couple years. It really is a waste of time and resources. That sounds super harsh but I believe its the case.
  7. Where was this interest before the server got shut down? You may have an itch for 1v1 atm but it's going to turn around and be what it was before. I don't think its worth the effort of getting the server back on the dedi and the unimaginative amount of effort that would have to be put into this server in order to gain traction outside our server just for it to flop. I know its terrible to say but as someone who managed it for months and tried to get it poppin, I don't see it happening.
  8. Based on how much I listen to the albums.... not objectively speaking.
  9. Good luck in college! Let me know if you need help with calculus (or getting women)
  10. Having Five Guys for the first time was the only time it tasted good. After that it was ass. At least they load your bag up with fries though.
  11. I’m truly gonna miss you dad. You put enough time and energy into this place and tried so hard to keep it afloat. Even if things haven’t worked out the way you wanted, you made an impact bigger than what you think. Everybody should be thanking you for that. at least we can play WoW together