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  1. On a serious note, I agree with AfterBot. The regulars on TTT now-a-days aren't exactly the most fun to play with. They are nice and all that, but I personally don't go on TTT to actively play the game mode and sweat my ass off. I join to have laughs with other people and to mess around. Sure, more updates and changelogs would be nice, but as a community we need to actively try and seed the server and gather some of the people that make it fun. I know that shouldn't be the case, but until we can get something going, it might be one of the only ways. Once that can be some-what stable we can hopefully get more active regulars.
  2. I just piped your mother

    1. the baconator
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  3. Nate.

    any luck finding a g irlfriend and a job and a life and a friend and a family yet?

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  4. Dominic 2.0?

  5. hey buddy

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  6. keep talking kid lamar is gonna tear an ACL

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  12. Nice face reveal 👍🏽

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