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  1. I updated our agenda yesterday with a topic regarding LR additions. This one was going to be the primary example. Stay tuned
  2. 9/20/20 We have removed the "No Warden" part and re-added "Gangs". Back to:
  3. Wasn't a ZE player, but I always noticed the work you put in along with @Bright. You two were fantastic managers and I'm sad to you see you both go. I already said my goodbyes to you in DMs, but again, I hope you stay safe and healthy man!
  4. Chad

    JB Superheroes Unite!

    Batman stays! Nobody ever used it so this event gives people a good reason to equip it.
  5. It's just like am_loot but with some small differences. I'm going to just keep the regular one. Thanks for the suggestion though. ;)
  6. The time and date has been updated!
  7. As of now, I'm leaning towards this: Time - 7:30 PM EST Date: Wednesday (9/23/20) Does this work for us?
  8. Chad

    Jb t menu

    Just so everyone knows, I personally would never add something that allows Ts to buy weapons. Carry on with the discussion.
  9. Weapon stickers should be working now thanks to the one and only @BoTo!
  10. I’ve gotten many responses that many of you cannot make 3 pm EST (including myself). Because of this, I am asking you guys to suggest what time and/or day works best for everyone. Day: Monday (21st) or Wednesday (23rd) Time: Must be past 5:00 pm EST. I will be changing the time and/or day in a couple of days. Please post your responses in time!
  11. 9/3/20 We have added new commands and removed 2 maps until the bugs are fixed! Added commands: Weapon stickers (Premium Supporter) - sm_stickers Glow (Premium Supporter) - sm_glow Tetris & Snake mini-game! (Elite Supporter) - sm_tetris , sm_snake Paint (Elite Supporter) - sm_paint Scoreboard icons (Premium Supporter) - sm_icons Added maps: jb_glow_b1_sg - The bug should have been fixed. If it continues to crash, it will be removed again. Removed maps: jb_neon