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  1. Chad

    Immediate Action

    Its delusion because the bare minimum will not lead to any real change. Zero Two has tried seeding JB constantly and has seen very little results. Hawks & Hunter has tried with TTT and have had the same luck. Retakes would get some traction but that would only last for however long our members stayed. Afaik, retakes consisted mostly of our members. So if they left, then the server pop. would die. I can't speak for the events team. But the way I see it, why continue running the same events if nobody shows up? Allocate those members to creating events for servers that have a better chance of utilizing them. I did. There's a pinned thread in the JB section that I created so people could post event suggestions. Everyone has been doing everything by the book. The players liked what they liked and didn't want a big shift in gameplay. That's why JB never had a warden system. I was actually contemplating adding it in hopes we could create and/or edit rules that would still make gameplay similar to what everyone was used to. I knew people would threaten to leave or actually leave, but when you are grabbing players from the outside that like that system, it could have balanced out. I can't speak for the other servers and their managers, so I don't know why they never tried something extreme. But that's not the topic at hand. I mean, all I was doing was defending my thoughts. Also, during my time as SM it was going the way that I wanted for the most part lmao. But again, you wouldn't know since you weren't here. And no, that's not a shot at you for what happened. I appreciate you and whoever still cares about the server. But like I stated before, complaining about how bad the server is doing and not suggesting anything to help make it not where it is will result in nothing being changed. It's like you give a shit but don't give a shit since you aren't actually doing anything that contributes to the success of the server. You can go through the JB section suggesting things constantly. They post their idea and the community gives them feedback on what they do and don't like about it and even what can be done to make it better. That is partly what you need to actually make change. You see, making a comment like this makes YOU defensive. What's funny is that I didn't even mention your past. Saying "continue complaining about the dead server instead of wanting to contribute" clearly is referring to you in today's world, not years ago. I'm honestly not sure why you would make that sort of reach.
  2. Chad

    Immediate Action

    If anything, you're the delusional one. You haven't been here in over a year and acting like things are the same from when you played. You know why there haven't been many events for JB? Because barely anybody shows up to them. They are the same ones every time and get boring after a couple of them. I will agree and say that they used to be really fun and popular back when we had more JB members and had a lot more traction in the community server scene, but times have change. I don't know why that part doesn't make sense to you. Cool. Continue complaining about the dead server instead of wanting to contribute. You clearly have enough energy to do that. People have tried. Ask myself, ZZL, or Dom. We tried pushing out lots of events, changelogs, and getting on constantly to do fun rounds. But you can put all the effort you want into something but it doesn't mean it's going to work out. Sometimes you need to swallow the truth and move on. I can't speak on what the current SM is doing because that's his server now. I'll just agree and say he should be doing a lot more to push stuff out. Yes, I clearly know how easy it is to run PtP. I've ran every event that you will mention. And you wanna know why that works? Because we had members that actively enjoyed playing JB and getting their friends on. Where are they know? Where are the consistent admins that we used to have? That's right... burnt out / enjoying other games more. We don't have anything to lose. This is probably the only statement I agree with you on. Tbh, I don't feel like sitting down and typing all the shit I wanted to respond with. You and Gumline clearly think it's savable and I and others don't. I will be the first to tell you that I want all of our servers to be active and thriving again like they used to. I miss hoping in teamspeak / discord and just playing with some members and having a blast. But please, accept some of the reality.
  3. Chad

    Immediate Action

    Yea.... creating a thread asking the same thing and getting the same answers is gonna make a difference. Also, let me not suggest anything even though I want change to happen I honestly can't really tell why you're trying to roast Squad when I brought up legit points regarding the problem even though it doesn't side with your beliefs about the server. Plus, you want our server to go downhill? So glad you came back.
  4. Chad

    Immediate Action

    The irony. I'm sorry, but one event for a weekend each month will never cut it. Nor is adding one map, no matter how good you think it is. The core problem is that we lost our core JB / SG members + staff. Not having a base group of people who can regularly get on and get the server started is the key difference between our server and the top ones now. For the most part, JB has always had active staff members. The SMs used to always communicate with one another as well as the CAs and SAs in the server talk. Plus they were pretty active. I respect and understand that you and some others don't want to give up on it, but the likelihood of JB making a comeback to the level you think it can is extremely improbable. You can quote this and say it aint true but unless you, Dominic, or any "old head" can come up with ideas and take initiatives that other people haven't done yet, I suggest doing more than creating a thread asking for ideas (which has been done 100 times).
  5. Chad

    Immediate Action

    Yo tap into squad guys [SG] Steam-Gamers | 24/7 Amphibious & Marines Roto
  6. frick you bish

  7. Chad

    Squad Changelog

    6/22/2022 With the Squad v3.0 being released shortly, I have made the following changes to the server. Changed the server name: OLD: [SG] Steam-Gamers | New Players Welcome NEW: [SG] Steam-Gamers | 24/7 Amphibious & Marines Roto Updated the map rotation! The new map rotation is: Will post a photo of it later. Just wanted to get it out now. The rotation may change sooner than later.
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  9. Chad

    Squad Changelog

    6/11/2022 Hello everyone! It's been almost 10 months since the the last update to our Squad server and it seems like we need to start rolling out some changes. The DISCORD changes: Added a "SG Member" role to everyone in the discord. Until we are able to get a decent amount of people willing to seed, we will be @'ing this role to get the attention of users. This will make it easier for additional announcements relating to the game and/or discord. From now on, anybody who joins the server will be automatically given this role. Added a text channel called "Squad announcements." We will get all future update posts and threads from the Squad developers when they are released and will be posted in that text channel. Adjusted the player complaints and ban appeal section. If you wish to make a player complaint or appeal your ban, you can now create a ticket and have a private conversation with one of the admins instead of everyone in the discord being able to view it. Removed specific text channels and roles that cluttered up the discord. This includes text channels that were relating to other games. They were insanely inactive and would just deter us from focusing on Squad. FUTURE PLANS: Edit the map rotation. Revise any outdated rules & add any new rules that make the game smoother and better for players. Collaborate with another Squad community! (If possible) Advertise for more admins. SHOUTOUT @Mikey.FOR HELPING WITH THE BOTS
  10. was that an irl nickname?
  11. Please do NOT join TTT. I will RDM you the first chance I get if you do.