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Mapmakers notes:
My entry is a bit smaller this year but I hope you'll still enjoy it :-)
*WARNING* This Map never got tested on a server or with other players - when playing it alone everything worked fine - some games might need some bugfixes/balancing because of that*WARNING*
Rodeo : You have to stay on the rotating plattform without getting pushed down
Burning Ball : 1 Guard! has to press the start button and needs to knife the ball as fast as possible - Prisoners are allowed to run from base to base once the button got pressed (Consider if the ball is far enough from the Guard) - every Prisoner who wasn't on a base when the ball got destroyed dies (Guards have to set a maximum amount of balls (like 8))
Hunt Game : Prisoners needs to kill the chicken - you play it multiple rounds until enough Prisoners have passed
Up n' Down : When someone stands on a platform and it goes Up or Down he receives damage - so stay on ground level
Injured : Prisoners receive damage over time but from time to time Healthpoints get spawned - Guards have to call how many prisoners will survive
All other games should be selfexplaining
8 Weapons - 1 Ventsystem - 2 Hidden Teleports - 1 Teleport will spawn randomly in 1 of 12 Cells - Klaus
Todo : maybe new Skybox (I messed the bottom part up) - more games - more Klaus - Secrets - better Radar - some games with background music - bugfixes/balancing etc
Good luck everyone else with the contest
Up n' Down
Slide (Vertical Ski)
Tower Climb
Hunt Game
Burning Ball (Red Light Green Light)
Deathrace (Real life wipeout)
Cell Secrets:
Closest cell on the right side has text that says "E to Escape!" which teleports you to different places on the map
Final notes:
Seems like a decently fun map, with enough secrets to sate the Jailbreak players. Most of the maps games are deathgames, but there are still fun things to do before 2:30. I suggest adding a pistol or grenades to a few cells.

Screenshots attached

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We enjoyed testing this one out. Good amount of minigames, pretty enclosed and has some secrets.


For this map to appeal more to our player base, we would need to arm the map with some more weapons. When that is done the map will be added to the server!

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