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Platform Obstacle
Pool Platforms
Ice Skating
Boathouse Climb
Nade Game
Snowball Toss
Bottle Shootout
Disco Laser Game
Kitchen Lava Game
Cell Secrets:
Zeus in Cell #1
HE Grenade in Cell #5
Two medishots in Medic in maincell
AWP above and outside of the visiting room catwalk (Use stairs for access, the AWP Overlooks Soccer/Basketball)
USP-S inside the pool entrance/work room
HE Grenade on the picnic table inbetween Iceskate and the bridge
Scout on the top of the lighthouse
P250 in the control room of Nade Game
Unknown secret: If you enter the door at the bottom of the lighthouse and grab the knife with the green chicken, you gain speed
Vent inside of "Visting Room" which leads to the pool door room and armory
Vent at the far stall of pool bathroom leading to the sewers and an MP9 and USP-S
Map Specification:
Multiple CT-Only buttoms/doors
Working Radar
The water outside will damage you (2 HP/s)
Climb with checkpoints
Final Notes:
When first looking at the map, it looks large and overwhelming with the outside section, however upon futher inspection you'll see the map is not overwhelming at all. The map has an adequate amount of deathgames and secrets, more than enough to satisfy our players. I like the map, I suggest we test it on our servers.

Screenshots attached

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