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    seems like a fairly good looking map with lots of gun secrets and secrets that have multiple states.

    wasnt too laggy armory is a bit bunk tho :/

    need new maps
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This map was rejected last year for too large a file size, but I wouldn't mind taking another look at it again. 


Map notes (taken from Gamebanana):



-48 T spawns
-30 CT spawns
-Numbered Cells
-2 Escape options (Always 1 in one round)
-Constantly Changing Map layout
-Secret Tunnels
-4 obtainable grenades
-Laser Protected Armory (Can be toggled with 2 levers)
-16 Hidden Weapons
-Execution Room
-Healer Room
-Side Buildings 
-Automatic Cell Opener (90 seconds)
-Custom Content

-Simon Says
-Deadly Cube
-Laser Room
-Luck Course 
-Glass Break
-Falling Boulders
-Obstacle Course
-Revolver Roulette
-Football Field
-Race Pool
-KZ_ with 2 difficulties

Constantly Changing layout:
The map's layout is different each round, making the gameplay easier or harder for the Prisoners


  • -50% chance: A second exit will appear in the VIP cell's vents.
  • -50% chance: The rollup door will be blocked next to the football field.
  • -50% chance: At the cells, the ladder will spawn on top of the crate, making access to an USP.
  • -50% chance: A HE Grenade will spawn on top of a side building.
  • -33% chance: An USP will spawn next to the trash containers.
  • -20% chance: The brick wall will disappear in one of the side buildings, making access to a Deagle.
  • -10% chance: Armory Laser will be turned off.


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