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  1. been there done that enjoy your time on the servers haha thats about it
  2. !SPOILERS!SPOILERS!SPOILERS!SPOILERS! Nothing you see in any matrix movie is outside of the matrix, and never will be. a bit of homework. also the matrix is a transgender story, and that's a quote from the co-director lily watchowski
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    I kind of like the idea of this as; The answer you will usually get from someone on the server is "there is no warden" which doesn't really answer the question. if they have to ask, they have previous expectations from their previous experience on a separate server. having a way for them to find out for themselves and integrate without having to break the ice about it being their first time CAN BE A REALLY GREAT THING. A ct having to ask about warden is "fail RP" and takes away from the setting of the server. if this was hard to implement or a huge download, sure it wouldnt be worth it. but this is about as simple of a suggestion as it gets. Its literally an Input list & an output. I don't think the target demographic would need it to be advertised to them, it would be a way to target players from other servers who are there for the first time and are trying to play the same way they do on other servers. it would give a quality response, not a quick one. all it would take to implement fully is going to other JB servers and copying the commands they already have for warden and adding them to the command list for that response... Also having server rules pop up in chat once a map or so like; cells must be open by 4, you must wait 2:30 seconds to force a dg, armory stairs are always kos isn't a bad idea when talking about reaching the new new players. heaps of ways to reach out to them, as they don't have anything pre determined about JB. @dolofeel free to correct me I'm going 1000 miles an hour just had tea TL;DR If I went and made the command would you put it on the server...?
  4. ct vs t stat war event? put a handicap on team ct like -2 points per death or -3/4
  5. badmin has evolved into: BadManager but really pls dont change "fix" gun toss.
  6. I miss the days of LR being a ct running to armory to to get an awp to drop to the last t for a noscope battle, or a deagle for shot for shot or gun toss. (even when we didn't have the plug in we tried to give lr if we could) It does make rounds faster helping those who get killed early in the round. Without it there is no real way for cts to end the round without using a deathgame on every t or just plainly waiting out whatever timer is left. It is a necessary evil, and it needs some love. It's as fair as it can get and alot of times there are more t's than ct's for lr anyway. When I meet you in game for the first time I'll show you what I do to enjoy lr as a t and make it less taxing on yourself. Zzl apparently has a plugin update up his sleeve if I remember correctly, but you might find by the time it is on the server you like what we have.
  7. Pog I asked for this ages ago and now I work haha
  8. Handicaps win race with female golfer level handicap.
  9. Very good diary post Good read could have been shorter tho xx
  10. Pink panther or riot. Vader or riot.
  11. so whats stopping me from going to my discord friend and saying lets go ghost on TTT. Isnt that the exact same thing? pot calling the kettle black, why not make it a T item that costs more than missle? kinda like a nuke.
  12. Well ,The Simpsons came out in December 1989, so you are making good pace.
  13. I had this question on my finals last year; What produces the most precipitation A) Clouds B) @TheZZL when he walks past "bitches" C) @daftywhen asked about clouds Hint the answer is d On a serious note, clouds is a good map, ct still just dead, 9/10 maps is a 3/15 score in t favor. Imo if the server can't handle having clouds in the rotation, may aswell just close it and go make an Arma 3 server or some shit.