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  1. Plants vs zombies was too far kuri
  2. I got a job working at one of the biggest companies for my field in my country while still in school studying my degree Life is good.
  3. I was going into this thinking I wouldn't find anything to agree with you on, but this got me thinking. increasing the time based on server pop is a great idea that doesn't sound too hard to implement. You just need a plugin that updates the server by setting time limit per player. no. all 5 mins all playable without an admin present. you could limit the amount of times a large map is nominated/can be played again, like how we already have a wait time to repeat a map. this way it takes 5 or 6 smaller maps before a large map can be played again. (clouds isnt a large map it would do fine from 5:00)
  4. your hair smells better when you are asleep just saying
  5. sounds pretty op. maybe give money instead, so you have to do well to earn a jihad.
  6. Wouldnt they need to call a kos for me to be kos? are you kos for actions you take that ct's dont know about? damn thats rough. I got ws three times for the same order lol. then killed for being "past 1st cell" while in pool hallway.
  7. Someone didnt like my last response quoting zzsmell with a direct quote. Heres the new one curtesy of on the server. The order was fd no past 1st cell............
  8. #TEAMSURF #TeamMovement you may not have heard but rivermen updated the name to be more inclusive of @spook& @kimetsu's feelings. its RiverHyphenPeople now.
  9. (would be a cool ct donator skin) (another cool ct donator skin) (protect the president) (protect the president) (protect the president)
  10. 2.5* do your research better MR. Overlord seems like a great way to add a reward for playing the server. "play with the words, you'll just end up dead and complain - solution, don't play around with semantics and you won't get shot." @TheZZL— 04/16/2021 I remember reading that the plugin was disabled due to the map switch dilemma or Is that now not the case as its been repurposed for larger server pops
  11. it happens, but not too much. Its a thing of morals, did the t drop it as soon as they could? yes? I should probably let them live. if people arent doing that you can always send them a suggestion that they could pardon next time, or suggest they relax a little and remember that everyone is trying to have fun. This. to not quote the rules; gunplanting can happen from a T or a CT. A CT getting killed and dropping a gun to a separate T who isn't kos, is still gunplanting if it didnt touch the ground. the only way I can see an actual rule being made for this is something along the lines of primaries are KOS unless dropped into a stack. that way, if they are stacked CTs have to give an order to unstack, giving a chance to drop the primary to the whole stack before anyone can die. BUT: this makes CTs an easy targets in this scenario.
  12. keep or @Crazy Swedewill smote all of you ayyy lmao emote