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  1. download nvidia geforce experience or another software that records for a period of time before you hit record// this way you dont have to be recording 100% of the time and it uses way less system performance. if someone dc's from the server it will paste their steam id in chat screenshot it!!! alternately if you can get in your console before they leave the server and type in "status" and screen shot their id. thats about it really other than putting in time and getting to admin and beyond.
  2. you will still get ws by shitty cts and if no mic or before 4 no time to ask for clarification; effect stacks and you die from 2nd or 3rd ws specifically talking about the people who use chat binds to abuse the fact that one ct who gives orders over mic then conflicts with chat can get easy free damage or kills in an unfair and unfun manner
  3. I have been killed in this specific scenario aswell so still need clarification but yes i agree.
  4. Full map name: jb_pipeline What server is this suggestion for? Jb Link to map download: Additional information: seems like a fairly good looking map with lots of gun secrets and secrets that have multiple states. wasnt too laggy armory is a bit bunk tho :/ need new maps Screenshots attached:
  5. also to clarify i had one question on a rule this forum post
  6. I hope this clarifies? your ears hear what comes out of your mouth before anyone else; @The Hat This is the specific scenario i was talking about, however i made this post as its definitely not the first ive been domed for
  7. My best example of this is people [being one of them myself] who have things like ; Freeze, Freeze crouch knife the ground, crouch... Binds binds like these are amazing for playing and having a quiet game with no mic. but combined with mic orders like follow me or go to my marker can be "confusing Rules". also the lack of repeats is aggravating. if half of the t's didn't do your order bc they obviously couldn't hear it, common sense should be ws and say it again not ws wait 3 seconds while people cant type to say repeat bc crouched and then rack your kills up.
  8. i wasnt able to find a pinned post about this in @Gator's rules discussion mega are you able to give T's orders in an active lr to protect your own ability to stay alive. if no: some sitiuations are t baiting so you are being put in a postition to break the rules i would argue this mostly applies to gun toss
  9. if the order is "go to x place no jumping" and you have to jump to get out of the place you were ordered to be beforehand is the ct giving you a "kos" order
  10. death games need better rules so more cts actually use the maps we play on that arent electric change my mind
  11. so im more talking about giving misinformation rather than having to give information about it. as a ct you have to explain deathgames before starting as far as im aware, obviously colours isnt anything to be explained, but intentionally explaining a deathgame in a way that it will lead to a t's death seems not too ok to me what are yall's thoughts on it? colours starting 5 seconds early is a hard deathgame tbh idk that im a fan... TY for the quote @TheZZL it didn't show on your post yesterday.
  12. so i was in waiting to start an optional deathgame {colours} when the ct told us we had 10 seconds till we start the deathgame. roughly 5 seconds later i fall through to colours water and die before i know whats happened. Is misinforming a T about their deathgame considered freekilling if the t dies as a direct result?
  13. I am thankful for the fact that SG is still around and im thankful that i have been able to play on this server with a distinct age gap between my last block of time on the servers/forum and my current time i put in. Also since then i have moved from where i was living in Florida back to my hometown in New Zealand, so it really brings back nostalgia of a time when i was a happier soul to hear Americans/ to talk to Americans again. i cannot stress enough how impactful being back in the community has been for my daily mental health. so id love to give a big shoutout to everyone who makes sg tick and especially whoever had to look at the 30 messages i sent through the user title request form like a spastic.