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  1. Date: day of the TTT community meeting Bug/Glitch: as detective some times when you are dead you can see t chat. Additional Information:
  2. this is accurate. pretty sure that is what I did here lol time to take a chill pill I think.
  3. Mace is on the right track, I'd rather everyone liked everyone for the good of the future of our community as opposed to the whole I won't like the community bc I don't like this player or that player.
  4. Tbh it was a bit of a shitpost but I'll try recoup my thoughts. God I can't wait to get throttled for this post. @lynxiemade an admin comp
  5. I brought this up at the recent community meeting even bringing up the fact that it could be a better idea to run this on a second server. I am all for adding more to the equation giving innos a way to win the round intelligently rather than with brute force, which would also require giving t's some form of update aswell. I am also all for 3rd party roles that can alter the focus for both teams. heres some links to roles on Gmod, maybe give them a read if anyone is actually interested in this idea!!! This is the server that I played on gmod that gave me the idea to suggest this as an event for the server somewhere around 12 months ago:'s_Mod#Gmod_TTT_Timeline
  6. a complaint from a player on the server towards another player on the server is valid based on the context of the situation, not the people in that situation. feel free to correct me if I am wrong here but it seems like for a server that needs all the players it can get, [some of] the staff are more than happy to throw players down the drain based on past experience(s). I don't mind the RDM culture on our TTT server as I tend to free damage people and run away like a school boy (I find it very amusing), and as I don't really care about my ranking on TTT. that being said it feels as though it is creeping into the forums side of things. just my 2 cents so feel free to ignore me and call this a shitpost.
  7. jb is a little sad since ive gotten back from my last hiatus while starting my new job. it feels like even some of the admin population is there just to be idiots nowadays. sometimes I think about applying for admin so I can make it "better" and then I remember I am just as toxic as anyone else when my buttons are pushed, and it aint that hard to find my buttons. I think cs is on its way out at this point and our servers are bearing that burden. our attempts at new games have been few and far between, probably not helped by the fact we cannot wear a SG tag unless we are admins, limiting our exposure in other game servers/matchmaking.
  8. give it to him its all he wanted for xmas
  9. So early morning Jb turned into an early morning ban for one of our younger regs this new year. he is yet to make a forums account so there will be no name and shame here, but you will figure it out soon enough. @DALERJONis still a common sight on the server at the moment, as I'm sure many of you know, but that does not mean we should all be stooping to his level and taking it upon ourselves to level the playing field by turning our beloved Jb server into a HvH experience. I urge all of those who have been in contact with @DALERJONon third party websites//apps to stop doing so. For any of our younger members who think they can hack on our servers simply by following his instructions, I suggest you delete whatever software you have gotten from him before you have to grovel @BoM 's feet in a ban appeal. to any of our members in their late teens and onwards who have gotten software off of him, go play on ego servers. He is mad that his name got dragged through the dirt, so now he isn't trying to hide what a piece of shit he is. don't get sucked into the trap because he has charisma to throw down the drain.
  10. is there any way that the server could be set up so that you could play short matches? im not a huge fan of short matches but they have their place and it might help with having people leave mid match. just curious.
  11. also if you want to bundle all the earth defence force (william simulator) game/dlc's I will take them
  12. sniper elitev2 darksiders II warhammer40k Pusss! ty for the giveaway!!