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  1. damn i hope this is for TTT no one Cool plays TTT anyways
  2. Rejected : If you find more evidence please make another player complaint!
  3. my brain is furiously going through all the times ive done this and killed for it dangit
  4. im making this thread to get other peoples insight into wether or not a CT baiting should be kos for a T. when i started playing jb it was Not KOS and was the cts fault when you got baited and tbh thats the way uh huh uh huh i like it uh huh uh huh. however i see the validity in having it be kos as bait can range from a stab to a backstab and most of the time you know you are going to damage a ct and can avoid it. i would definitely be in favor of this rule changing back but what does everyone else think
  5. @Nate.this banner made my day. i have to be there now.
  6. just because you dont see them doesnt mean they arent watching. mr def is caution with a voice changer change my mind
  7. GameMe has some cool stats and one that blew me away was how many rounds i have played @7,131 i think i need a social life
  8. insert toxic comment here to keep my appearance up
  9. IMO this is dumb and the ct is avoiding LR so the t should get their chance at getting a kill. gang points are a thing and LR is a good way to not have the round count against you if you havent rebelled. im pretty sure alot of people disagree but yeah. winning LR should be succesfully getting a kill that shows in the kill feed. p.s im now going to put in my lr rules no slaying hehe p.p.s rps would be a "kill" as a direct result of your actions where as a ct slaying themselves on their own accord would not, sorry @Ero
  10. did you try right clicking and adding server to your fav. by ip adress? all of the servers have their ip listed if you click the server not the bootstrap icon hopefully you can connect now!
  11. Australians dont exactly rely on logic or braincells heres a good context to this thread imo had rdmed me and ranee that round and proceeded to walk around exclaiming he didnt know how to play before going through a teleporter and getting 1 shot.
  12. 30 minutes is essentially one map and some spare change. i play on an Australian server from time to time that has a 10 hour ct cap and barely any rules around orders. like you are allowed a primary for instance, you just arent allowed to point it at anyone. an hour is closer to 3 maps and seems reasonable to me given how complex our ct rules are compared to other servers in the genre but that's just my 20c. 20 players is the high end of server population for my time zone, and i feel as though it is mostly an issue when there is low staff activity 10-12 seems more impactful.
  13. Date of crash, bug or error: 28/12 Map that was being played: every map Number of people in the server: --- Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat? no Additional Information !gloves plugin resets on team change back to default seems to only be an issue for T side
  14. Date of crash, bug or error: 24/12 Map that was being played: jb_prisonarchitect_v1 Number of people in the server: 8-10 Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat? lots of precache errors i have screenshots of console if needed didnt want to paste dump console output Additional Information: cell button wouldnt open cells. it would register as a button press. Lighting on the open/close button would change as pressed. clip of repeated bug