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jb_neon request

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    jb_neon is a map heavily inspired by jb_august_2k17, with a neo-tokyo style.

    Alright here is every secret and some other stuff, don't open if you want to be spoiled.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPPvlW9Ktjk <-This took me 5 mins to put together and edit, it's not very good

    Other things I didn't bother to mention in the video:
    -AWP Lookout Bedroom's door from Armory unlocks between 10-20 seconds into the round
    -AWP Lookout Main's door to Armory unlocks 60 seconds into the round
    -Sawed-off secret from Alley that flings you into main cell at 50 billion speed is difficult.
    -All the lights inside AWP Lookout sans Armory Bedroom have light switches that can turn off.
    -Since this is the first time bump mines will possibly be added to the server, I will say that they aren't KOS if you hold them, as you can drop bump mines to other players. Using them to get to KOS Areas will make you KOS upon touching KOS ground. Airstrafing through KOS areas will be subject to others, mainly the JB ATs.

    KOS Areas:
    Roof of main cell: There's two primaries there: A Sawed-off that is only able to be picked up if you take the alley teleport, and a scout that can be picked up at any time.
    AWP Lookout: That entire place is KOS, the only way in is through a secret
    Vents into Gym: They're vents.
    Armory: Simple.
    Roof of Armory: Simple.
    Using Alley Catwalk Boost: It's an invisible boost and can only take you to secrets unless you miss them.
    Chad's Milk Store (The right-most store in alley): The only way in is by taking a teleport. If you go in if someone else opens the door from the inside it's your fault.
    Climb One Way: It's a secret, everywhere else will teleport you back.
    The Backrooms: The only way in is through bookstore secret, the only way out is into armory.

    Things that aren't KOS (that some people may think are):
    Roof of Bookstore or Medic: They aren't, because the only way to get to armory is by jumping, making it not a catwalk.
    Roof of Plaza: The only way to get up is through roof of medic, or using a bumpmine, and neither of which is KOS.
    Roof of AWP Lookout: There isn't anything up there, so it isn't KOS. The only way to get up there is using a bumpmine.
    Alley Catwalk: There's a ladder for use, and there are no weapons on said catwalk.
    Any other store: If you see someone taking gym teleport from racing that is KOS, but besides that, the only other thing in those stores is a Tactical Awareness Grenade in Auto's Electronic Emporium
    Janitor's Closet in Pool: The only thing inside of there is a non-KOS button turning off the lights.
    Bookstore bookshelves: Non-KOS EXCEPT for the left-most one upon entering. That's a catwalk to a secret technically.

    I will add to both of these lists if anyone else bring up something I haven't mentioned myself.

    Here is the final release link which contains the screenshots: https://steam-gamers.net/forums/topic/93481-jb_neon/
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