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  1. Remixed giving his opinion again oh no, rygors gonna call me an boomer In my opinion when it comes to CT healthboosts, it is clear that they are abused. When you see that mildly dedicated CTs are literally binding a button to give themselves 200+ HP, you can instantly tell that something is wrong. However, I don't think this would be the best time to nerf the CTs. As the current JB area, because almost all regulars have peaced out, no one is there to teach new players how to play CT, so those who end up on that side end up get ruined. This creates a negative feedback loop where new players leave and don't want to play CT, causing CT players to constantly sweat to win rounds, driving players off of CT. I consistently get on JB and see new CTs getting their ass handed to them by T side tryhards. Nerfing CTs in this current state will continue to hurt the server as a whole. I don't have a solution for this problem, it may not even be a problem in the first place; the numbers haven't appeared to drop too hard. The only new map that has been added that can be compared, which is jb_clouds_pg, however, has indeed hurt CT numbers (27.11% CT win on jb_clouds_sgedit -> 23.43% CT win). Whichever way the server managers want to go to change the server (or not at all, for that matter), it isn't my place to say.
  2. crouch walk orders are not allowed on this server !1!111! zzl (jb server manager ) is breaking the reuls !!
  3. I wanna schedule a meeting with your client Rygor
    I hear he has a lot of karma, I think he earned reddit gold once

    please contact me with more information

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  4. *generic comment of excitement about a server i play on*
  5. The only problem I've ever had with hitboxes is the minecraft head, but even then it's pretty basic to just guess where the head is.
  6. ZZL said these would be hard big scam
  7. I've been nagging Chad about not adding warden every since he became SM, but if I'm just the vocal minority, I just want to give some things that I want to add. -Make head guard sergeant+, firstly give the slightest nudge encouraging CTs to play more. Now that we've dropped tpoints, my tpoint requirement suggestion that I made is effectively null. Additionally, because the timer to play CT is still broken, there is basically no requirement for a new player from another server to join CT, take HG, and give incorrect orders. Without admins, you have effectively allowed that player to commit mfk and ban them for 3 days without them really knowing what the problem is. Setting a HG command to Sergeant+ would encourage new players to stay longer, and also turn away players that are trying to troll. -Don't encourage the use of HG. Just like with !fo, some players take !fo only for the sake of getting others to shut up (myself included). Although it would seem beneficial for a reason, bad head guards are essentially bad CTs with even more power. In the same sense that !fo was made for the sake of avoiding CTs speaking over one another, it can easily be exploited for """""toxic""""" players to give """"bad""" orders. -Don't allow mutes from HG. We already have !tmute (that is barely used since we never break 30), so simply lowering the requirement to trigger !tmute to whatever number HG is turned on allows the entire CT side to make that decision. In terms of muting CT side, I don't think that's necessary at all. I'm sure people are already unhappy when one takes !fo, and allowing HG to mute anyone they want, willy-nilly, would seem like a terrible decision. If people continue complaining that "oh i can't hear HG", then maybe explore into a priority speaker plugin. -Looking back into the thread, I think HG should have the same amount of armor, with a slight CT nerf in general. Taking a look into some basic statistics, for all maps released after !ctbuy came out, the numbers are staggering. About a year ago, the CT side win percentage typically varied between 21% - 30%. Now, 30% is essentially the new norm, with most maps easily exceeding that number. If you want to see numbers, feel free to check my math. I'm still a big fan of ctbuy, allowing CTs to play more and less aggressive depending on their teammate's purchases. However, more and more players are binding !ctbuy healthboost and instantly healing back HP, essentially, turning that CT into a 200+ HP player if their reflexes are fast enough. This strategy, if it continues, will drastically hinder rebelling Ts and raise the chances of slow, boring gameplay. If all CT players were nerfed to 100kevlar no helmet/35 kevlar+helmet (you would also need to modify maps that give you armor, like undertale), this would at least make this option less beneficial. In terms of buffing the HG, I don't want to encourage HG any more than what it already gives, so HG should be like normal. I've never been a fan of warden and any other ways for SG to lose what it has. Our server fills a niche that is the reason why it has this type of community. Communities like Tango have their warden system essentially perfected, and so watching SG try to mimic that not only shows a lack of creativity on behalf of the managers (apologies to Chad and TheZZL in advance), but it shows a distrust in the playerbase to handle things themselves. I'm glad to see that JB is trying to take chances, and make new decisions, but I'm genuinely unsure as if this is the way to go. However, if this is just me, I'll try my best to make sure that JB takes the best step forward.