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  1. face reveal moment


    wait is this even approved


  2. i find it ironic as hell that kuri of all people is calling people out for cts being toxic tough beans tho
  3. yo ass put jmc there instead of me ok then you know what im not coming
  4. why didnt i get member of the month what the FUCK grats nate and strayzz
  5. look at this


    1. RemixedPixel


      bro wouldn't it be uncharacteristic if the llama, which the scientist implied was the first llama to drive, somehow drove off a cliff, which would possibly spell out death for the llama?

  6. Where is Aelius? 

  7. Date of crash, bug or error: 2/14 Map that was being played: jb_clouds_pg Number of people in the server: ~30 (not important) Any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat? no Additional Information walking on top of the ak47 and awp tables in armory appears to lag the entire server
  8. wow bds are so quirky and relatable !
  9. Remixed giving his opinion again oh no, rygors gonna call me an boomer In my opinion when it comes to CT healthboosts, it is clear that they are abused. When you see that mildly dedicated CTs are literally binding a button to give themselves 200+ HP, you can instantly tell that something is wrong. However, I don't think this would be the best time to nerf the CTs. As the current JB area, because almost all regulars have peaced out, no one is there to teach new players how to play CT, so those who end up on that side end up get ruined. This creates a negative feedback loop where new players leave and don't want to play CT, causing CT players to constantly sweat to win rounds, driving players off of CT. I consistently get on JB and see new CTs getting their ass handed to them by T side tryhards. Nerfing CTs in this current state will continue to hurt the server as a whole. I don't have a solution for this problem, it may not even be a problem in the first place; the numbers haven't appeared to drop too hard. The only new map that has been added that can be compared, which is jb_clouds_pg, however, has indeed hurt CT numbers (27.11% CT win on jb_clouds_sgedit -> 23.43% CT win). Whichever way the server managers want to go to change the server (or not at all, for that matter), it isn't my place to say.
  10. crouch walk orders are not allowed on this server !1!111! zzl (jb server manager ) is breaking the reuls !!
  11. I wanna schedule a meeting with your client Rygor
    I hear he has a lot of karma, I think he earned reddit gold once

    please contact me with more information

    1. 20 scrolls

      20 scrolls

      I will contact my client