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1. So i have had alot of arguments about how jb when you say Standard rules that means that you are saying  no rocket toss, no bhop, no throwing after hit the ground ect but people are telling me that bhopping is considered in standard rules i mean if this is true i wanna know this cause i have let lots of people win cause of this


2. Also in lrs i experience where people give these very confusing things like throw towards awp secret ct first rocket toss only after hits the ground it is really weird stuff like that so i'm just wondering if there is something called a T confusing order in lr cause i always get confused and somehow end up losing because i have no idea where to throw.

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1. Standard LR Rules are listed here, "No bhopping" is not a Standard Gun Toss Rule: 


Gun Toss:

  • No rocket tossing
  • No knifing/shooting the gun
  • You must throw the gun before you hit the ground
  • Prisoners must specify the location and direction
  • Prisoners must choose who goes first


2. No, but if you're confused on the LR rule you should ask for clarification or ask the Prisoner go first and be an example of what you should do. If your requests are rejected just do your best. In the example you gave the Guard should... jump off the designated location, once hitting the ground rocket toss the weapon (Holding E pressing G) towards the direction of Awp Secret. 


If you have any other questions about LRs feel free to ask.

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