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Beyond Light Season of the [REDACTED] (14)

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You all should play D2 on 3/11/2021 when it’s Tuesday Wipe and the new season starts, I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers for those who care. 


Basically, for the old heads VOG: Vault of Glass is returning, it’s a raid where you try and stop an invasion through space and time. Or, in the lore you get trapped and killed. Anyways, we’ll be doing copious amounts of raids for Vex Mythoclast and other goodies we get along the way, so make sure to join our decently-filled clan. 


There will be a new exotic mission called ‘Expunge’ and it’s like the recent ones we’ve had where it will change every week and you can get random rolls on guns (hopefully). 


The battle pass and trailer can be found VIA Bungie’s website, and there are lots of leaks and spoilers online.


Lastly, for those who care for cosmetics there will be lots of weapon ornaments and armor ornaments returning, as well as something called Transmog which allows you to make ornaments out of any piece of armor!


PVP: Lots of changes and nerfs, don’t even bother playing till ‘Stasis’ and other stuff gets balanced and nerfed.


PVE: Gambit and stuff is fun, but there’s a new 6-man mission called Override where you can get alien-esque guns and fight off enemies till you can get the key codes to shut off the tower that spawns and calls them in.


I made this because we should all play a bit when the new season comes out, remember if you aren’t in the clan right click my name, hit inspect clan, and hold it down so you can join, you’ll lose other clan rewards.

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