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  1. how about i join for a free NOTHING, BECAUSE TEAM TTT IS GOING TO THE MOOOON
  2. Paggos

    let's go baby SA doing nothing LLLL

  3. nah im good, unless we talking haste rounds
  4. f0x

    Prime Only

    As much as it doesn't sound too bad, making sg prime only would kill the population of all the servers. nah not about it.
  5. Gentoo summed it up pretty well but his big words took me 10 minutes to decipher so ill paraphrase it for my fellow slow brains out there: TTT rules are like guidelines intended to keep you from doing stupid or wrong things that disrupt the fun of TTT. Admins enforce these guidelines, but not to a tee, a lot of what is allowed is up to what an admin thinks about a situation. Of course you can bend the rules to have fun and mess around, but if an admin thinks your bending them too far, or you are intentionally breaking them then you will be punished. As far as teaming goes its not usually (this might be different depending on the admin) called after 1 round of you not killing a T when you had good reason not to. Teaming is when 2 people repeatedly and intentionally do not kill each other regardless of role. Or something like that
  6. yall better enter, squad is crazy fun