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  1. whats some "good" rules to add to the servers? for me ttt tazer should be a t item since its too op for detectives
  2. f0x.

    Smol Update

    cheers, hope you can find more free time soon!
  3. overwatch has not improved in years in gameplay or community, cant remember being yelled at more than in overwatch.
  4. interested to see what this thread will end up looking like, have fun with it!
  5. since golden knife was changed to 1 hit knife are we ever going to get tiger-tooth and lore knives back
  6. dont worry, watch this and youll feel just fine, or maybe better wait am i allowed to plug my twitch in these posts?
  7. havent played d2 in a good while but its nice too see a lot of people have at least tried it
  8. f0x.

    Among Us Event!

    doubt its gonna end well, but still cant wait to ruin possible relationships
  9. probably one of the best suggestions for ttt in a while, but of course its probably not going to be added
  10. cant wait to go negative in match 2 f0x#1871
  11. seems fun, unfortunately i dont think its going to be added
  12. maybe you could buy 1 golden knife as a cheaper option to the one hit, not realistic but still a cool idea
  13. try a souls game, classics that you cant go wrong with. dark souls 1 or 3 for pc but if you have a console bloodborne is amazing.
  14. f0x.

    Online names

    yea uh, hell no