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  1. Thursday during the first couple scrim matches me and @oSen will be livestreaming and casting! stop by the SG twitch to watch: https://www.twitch.tv/steamgamers
  2. We Were Here Too Northguard Slay the spire
  3. Ender

    Total misplay. 

  4. f0x

    Crab Game Event

    just you wait, i got some banger clips for a highlight video
  6. still praying that the dune movie is as good as the book
  7. i think this is a cool EVENT idea if it actually happens. If it was possible to somehow get several different communities involved as well like you were saying, it could make it a really unique and interesting event.
  8. TLDR: in most cases where it seems like people are teaming they likely are not, they either didn't see/hear it or are unsure of who killed or why. And if admins cracked down on every instance that could be considered teaming it would fucking suck keep a cool head and realize that not everybody sees whats happening through the same point of view. During instances where disruptive and repeating teaming actually happens use !calladmin or start recording to make a player complaint. surprisingly enough, abusive teaming also often coincides with the other rule RIGHT NEXT TO IT ghosting is as damning as it gets for evidence so dont be afraid to start recording or to call an admin if you catch it once or twice