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Garfield Fails.

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He can't get on the forums and asked me to copy paste this.

"Hi sexy people, this is the great almighty Garfield here... I have a problem! My link to SteamGamers.com is broke :( Every time I try to go on the site, it says the site has timed out, yes I can go on ANY other site. I've flushed my DNS and everything! I will soon die of bordem if this is not fixed!!!!! Please help! I've tried 4 different PC's in my house and loads of different browsers. I've cleared all my history, cache, ect. Add me to MSN, GarfieldH@steam-gamers.net or GarfieldH on steam to help me."


So yeah, Garfield fails.

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should try changing browsers, I use to have issues with some sites on IE7.


I cba adding you though to tell you :d

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