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  1. I miss you so... :sad2:COME BACK

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    Minigame Feedback

    Other/Additional I'm just here to say this because I have had some people agree with me about this. I used to love mini games and the multigame maps were my favorite. What I don't like about the mini games server now and is also the result of why I don't play it a lot anymore is the auto bhop. I don't like how the auto bhop is on for all the maps because it makes it too hard to shoot people. I don't have fun shooting at people going 100mph around the map even though I can do it myself I would rather nobody be able to do it. I DO however feel it should be on the course maps so people can complete the maps in fast times. I think the server would be way more fun having everyone doing the basic walk, run, and jump without zooming around the map.
  3. Good stuff! A even brighter future for ZE especially, keep putting in that work men
  4. I guess you can say I have been practicing
  5. After participating in this I realized it's time to go back to cs source...
  6. I will train to be more than your basic needs out there kicking ass on the battle field sir..... First step basic training
  7. Merry Christmas! _marry_christmas__by_luckylinx.gif

  8. bubba stop being addicted to gambling cs:go skins, it's bad for you. :nono:

  9. happy 15th birthday bubba :d

  10. Cant believe i gave away the Tornado lol Thanks for all who contributed it was fun hope to do this again soon
  11. You should post some pics for people who went gonna download it