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  1. The keys go in the places they were originally in.. did I win?
  2. I will train to be more than your basic needs out there kicking ass on the battle field sir..... First step basic training
  3. Biggest dick! Miss you dude!
  4. I started playing on SG servers when I was 7 and was a loud obnoxious kid.... Getting fucked with snapped me into the man I am today lmao
  5. Merry Christmas! _marry_christmas__by_luckylinx.gif

  6. bubba stop being addicted to gambling cs:go skins, it's bad for you. :nono:

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLdilJ7PCQE Now watch me whiiiip
  8. happy 15th birthday bubba :d

  9. Sig/Avatar/Spray Request What type of image do you need? Signature Size? Any size is fine average preferred Text? Chris Character? Eminem with different lyrics of his around him such as "Its to late to start over" "They call me superman" "No love" "Break that birdies neck" "Dear Slim" "Stan" "I told the world one day i would pay it back" Render? Any Color Scheme? (Optional) Black and red but anything works
  10. Bubba