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  1. My bro from the start, go kick ass in life!

  2. Bubba

    Rest in Peace

  3. I miss you so... :sad2:COME BACK

  4. Other/Additional I'm just here to say this because I have had some people agree with me about this. I used to love mini games and the multigame maps were my favorite. What I don't like about the mini games server now and is also the result of why I don't play it a lot anymore is the auto bhop. I don't like how the auto bhop is on for all the maps because it makes it too hard to shoot people. I don't have fun shooting at people going 100mph around the map even though I can do it myself I would rather nobody be able to do it. I DO however feel it should be on the course maps so people can complete the maps in fast times. I think the server would be way more fun having everyone doing the basic walk, run, and jump without zooming around the map.
  5. Good stuff! A even brighter future for ZE especially, keep putting in that work men
  6. I guess you can say I have been practicing
  7. After participating in this I realized it's time to go back to cs source...
  8. I will train to be more than your basic needs out there kicking ass on the battle field sir..... First step basic training
  9. Merry Christmas! _marry_christmas__by_luckylinx.gif