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Happy Juneteenth!

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Juneteenth celebrates the freeing of slaves in Galveston Texas two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed on January 1st 1863. Juneteenth, from what I know, has also evolved as a holiday to celebrate African American/Black culture. This post is to celebrate that emancipation and also recognize the pain and suffering endured by not only African Americans but also people of color throughout the history of the world and especially this nation. In recent news, Juneteenth is now the newest Federal Holiday, being signed into law two days ago by President Biden.


Happy Juneteenth everyone, let's all take the day to recognize how we can make this country a better, safer, and more inclusive space for all kinds of people, but also reflect on how as a country we have exclusively targeted people of color through legislation, societal norms, and culture. 


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Please take the time to recognize that people of all walks of life were involved in the slave trade; we are all capable of oppression and evil, no matter the color of our skin. Let's also not forget the fallen heroes and brave abolitionists that made this holiday possible :usa2:

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