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    Don't know if any of you have ever heard of it but my first anime was : Yu Yu Hakusho Probably one of the best anime's i ever watched, most of them were 1990s animes anyway. Recommendations for classics : cowboy bebop
  3. Trans means moving from one gender to the other. There are no other genders. Anyone who says so is (not in a rude way) in a world of their own. Someone cannot identify as trans, trans is literally moving from 1 gender to the other. Hence why i'd like people to use female pronouns, but as i mentioned in all honesty, i don't care as long as it's not trying to hurt me. Also i think it's called being respectful, if they aren't being a cunt about it, i'll call them whatever they want. Call em a rock for all i care. As long as they don't winge and bitch about it.
  4. I feel as though people are only seeing the extreme in this and not understanding it's similar to protecting people from racist hate crimes. Harassment only comes when it is repeated or obviously aimed to hurt the person. If someone is hurt because you got their 'gender' wrong the first time round then they just have some problems that have to sort out (aka stop being butthurt so easily and just let them know what you prefer). Overall i think the bill itself is a great thing, as long as people use it within the right situations where a consistent harassment has been in act such as constant bullying in school. I myself have identified as a girl and i go to the psychologist to speak this over with and get it sorted. Hormone therapy the lot. Also the comment about cross dressing fags is a bit far but hey ho. Everyone to their own opinions.
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to share my love for monster hunter game series from capcom as it's a bloody great series. I recently found this game called dauntless, it's still in infancy as they are currently running closed beta tests but i think it can show promise. I just hope it isn't a game the devs make then leave after a couple of months. They plan on making it free to play when the final game comes out. I hope to find out who would liek to play this sort of game as you run in a squad of 4 and I'd quite like to play it with a group. [video=youtube_share;StJM39WBLFo]
  6. Kitteh Thanks quan
  7. @LADYDANGER Hey nice. I have one of Rem from Re:zero. this one exactly
  8. @Caution That makes sense and i will abide by that. Thanks for the notice. @FLuiD I can underswtand that. Only a few people knew from the beginning. XD
  9. What's ve,xe or ze...? I'm just looking for her/she. XD
  10. Thanks for all the support guys I understand it can be a bit weird for some (as repus might have mentioned) but i'm so thankful you guys understand. I'm happy i'm with SG, it's been a year now and i hope to stay a lot longer just cuz of all the amazing people that i've met so far. As well, @marshii thanks so much. I'm happy to chat to you about it. You seem a lot more... into it than i am at the moment as i'm still exploring it myself. I'll get there eventually. XD
  11. Discussed in what way? All i ask for are the use of feminine pronouns as i intend to be a female.
  12. Soooooooooooooo. Gonna keep it short and concise. XD Basically been in SG a year. Never told anyone but after seeing marshii it's sorta made me pluck up the courage to tell. Only a couple of people have known. I (at this moment in time) do want to be a girl however i will make the choice when i'm older cuz ye know, puberty and shit? In short, can people call me a girl? (Yes yes, edge lord i know) Just like... To be respectful? And btw it's not a phase, i do have a psychologist that i go to about this. If you don't want to because you find it hard or you're just someone that doesn't/can't accept trans people. That's fine, could you just message me privately beforehand? Thanks a lot. P.s. Thanks @marshii, although we didn't talk, you've indirectly given me the courage to mention it. XD