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  1. Ok so as a detective, you could buy a chicken pet that would lead you to a corpse or maybe even 2, but watch out! its killable in 2-3 shots! btw costs 1 or 2 credits
  2. Ok so its like the radar but it only shows detectives and their circle (in blue oc) keeps moving around and doesnt work in "burst like" and could maybe last like 30 secs and it could cost 1.
  3. Sorry for reviving the thread but @SL4DE is it gonna be added or?
  4. Ravious


    I saw on some other server that there was a !why command for t's when they died which would open up a menu for the ct that killed them with reasons of why the ct killed the t. Maybe we could implement this to make people know faster why did they die and everything before calling rdm and everything.
  5. okay so when I go on jb there's thoses big blacks squares with errors on it moving around I even got a demo http://www.filedropper.com/bug
  6. Btw you can also drag bodies, they're heavy and a bit slow to move.
  7. oh god shes a CA now

  8. @SL4DE -Yes -I don't think so -Could be for both -Only one