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    Forever in my heart, homeboy
  2. sup cunt

  3. Norway has pretty much completely shut down. Front door area on busses are closed off, Oslo city centre is pretty much empty, but things are running surprisingly smoothly. People mostly care and respect their quarantines. Had my first day of online classes today, it's pretty neat. Now it'll be interesting to see how tings evolve concidering all of travel and culture industries pretty much collapsing. And jesus christ please dont be that guy who says "oh but the flu kills more", thats bullshit and a very little empathetic towards the people in risk groups. Very ego-centric 16-year old way of thinking. The US definetly has tons of cases that just arent recorded which will explode in no time if nothing is done, so the US shutting down early is good. Look at europe man, shit's crazy.
  4. Id be down if it happens
  6. what does @roux not do around here /votekick thrza
  8. i enjoy your christmas profile picture a lot

  9. A photo I took on my way home on a rainy day.
  10. i dont like cerial