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  1. Reminder that this event will start today at 7PM
  2. Added the following maps to rotation: ze_jiangnan_town_v3 to Easy category Created stripper cfg to fix map console text so countdown hud timer works ze_timesink_v1_2 to Expert category ze_castlevania_64_v1_3_b9_go to Expert category zm_fubar_towers_csgo_sgedit to ZM category Removed the following maps from rotation: ze_surf_easy_v1_2 (realized it’s not good and a bit buggy) ze_r_w_b_final (Buggy) ze_thousand_steps_b7 (not compiled for HDR) Replaced with ze_thousand_steps_gf1_2 and added stripper cfg for map fixes Removed Zack Halloween and Miku Vampire player models Updated leader plugin with some new commands/functionalities (thanks @BoTo) Typing /marker defend in chat or marker defend in console will place the defend marker where you are standing Typing /marker follow in chat or marker follow in console displays the follow sprite above the head, if you do /marker follow again it will change to the defend sprite above the head Typing /marker spawn in chat or marker spawn in console displays the spawn indicator marker Typing /marker none in chat or marker none in console will remove all markers Can bind above commands to keys for quicker access (example: bind v "say /marker spawn") Updated !guns plugin so that if someone chooses "Same weapon every round" it saves that option and does not reappear even with map change until the user changes settings (thanks @BoTo)
  3. If you won any of the maps (even if it's just one since I'm being nice today) please reply to the thread with your STEAM ID and what map you won to earn your monthly model.
  4. Just a note, I changed some of the maps to ze_thriller_escape_p and ze_the_curse_of_blackwater_v5b.
  5. Updated models plugin to give one or more players certain player models via STEAM IDs (thanks @BoTo) Updated the night vision plugin so if you enabled it, it will remember to enable it again on spawn (thanks @BoTo) Increased map exclusions from 30 to 75 Removed player limit for Hard, Expert, and Surf difficulty maps Added the following maps to rotation: ze_games_v2_1 to Easy category ze_skill_escape_v09 to Medium category ze_forbidden_repository_a1_4 to Hard category ze_offliner_v2_csgo1 to Expert category ze_oblivion_castle_v6 to Expert category ze_oot_shadowtemple_b10 to Expert category Updated following maps: ze_sky_fantasy_v1_4 to v2_1 ze_chaos_v7_4f to v7_7 ze_ffxii_mt_bur_omisace_v1_4fix to v5_4fix4 ze_hsc_a4_q2_1 to q3 ze_illya_b4_csgo_a2 to a3 Added stripper cfg for map fixes and balance tweaks ze_johnny_nukem_b8_1_csgo4 to ze_johnny_nukem_go_b8_3a Added stripper cfg for LOTS of map fixes ze_nora_v1_10 to v1_11 ze_solgryn_v1_5 to v2 ze_stalker_ultimate_v4_6 to v4_9 Added/edited stripper configs for the following maps: ze_best_korea_v1 Map fixes and balance tweaks ze_boredom_p Map fixes ze_fapescape_rote_v1_3 More map fixes ze_ffvii_temple_ancient_v4_3 Fixed HP bug on Ruby Dragon ze_ffxii_paramina_rift_r4 Added vscript to reduce number of game_text channels used ze_frostdrake_tower_v1 Particle fixes to reduce lag ze_frozen_abyss_v1_2 Map fixes for zm item triggers ze_tyranny_v5_2k3 Map fixes and stuff
  6. Reminder that today at 7:30 PM EST we are testing 3 more maps
  7. ZOMBIE ESCAPE HALLOWEEN EVENT Spooky Halloweenies Maps Map List ze_hell_escape_p2 ze_haunted_lab_escape_p3 ze_thriller_escape_p ze_the_curse_of_blackwater_v5b ze_halloween_house_b4 When? October 30th @ 6:00 PM EST Where? Zombie Escape Server IP: Rewards Sora (Halloween) skin for 1 month How to earn rewards Winners must survive at least three (3) maps to earn the reward skin ONLY THE FIRST WIN COUNTS FOR REWARDS If you win, please post a reply with your STEAM ID and we will verify if you are eligible or not. Also posting a screenshot of your wins is helpful too Click on the image below to join our ZE Discord Server
  8. Testing some maps because we need to test maps >_> Map List ze_oblivion_castle_v6 (Oct 23rd) ze_offliner_v2_csgo1 (Oct 23rd) ze_skill_escape_v09 (Oct 24th) ze_games_v2_1(Oct 24th) ze_oot_shadowtemple_b10 (Oct 24th) When? October 23rd @ 6:30pm EST October 24th @ 7:30pm EST Where? Zombie Escape IP: ze.steam-gamers.net